'Cloverfield': I can only drink six

Lizzycaplan_jessicalucas_cloverfiel Tamara and Ryan —
First, thanks so much for joining me the past week and a half. In the end, all we can do is steel our minds (as Tamara has), pay our 10-spots and let Cloverfield happen. That said, I won’t stop obsessively checking excellent sites like cloverfieldnews.com or cloverfieldclues.com until my butt’s in that theater seat. Heck, I’ll read both well after the premiere to see other peoples’ thoughts.
Ryan, thanks to you I will be watching every scene for references to SD-6, the Impossible Missions Force and our friends from Oceanic 815. I will say, as much as I love crossovers — and my comic-book collection can attest to that fact — I’d better not see Jack Shepard try and save us all from the Slusho-beast. Sly winks are one thing, but I don’t know that I can imagine life in a world where all of this really happens at roughly the same period in time.
Let me come out in favor of hand-held moviemaking here. I don’t at all suffer from motion sickness, but more to the point, I love to be right in the thick of supernatural scares. I love haunted houses at Halloween; I love horror games like F.E.A.R.; and I love the idea that Cloverfield will let me think I’m on the ground during a monster attack.
Slusho_240_2 Tamara, that mindset may get me burned, but I hope a little of my exuberance rubs off on you. While Lost in Space was a fate worse than death, I think — and this is my opinion with no insider information — Cloverfield will be the sort of fun that we as jaded cynics (and rightfully so) forgot could exist. If I could fly both of you to the frozen Midwest and annoy you with the sight of a grown man bouncing in his seat as the lights dim, I would.
So let’s end on that note. It’s been a pleasure to post with both of you, something we should do again soon. I’ve also had a great time reading through the comments; I hope you reading this will stick around for all the sci-fi goodness this blog will bring.

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