This week in Sci-fi TV: May 12 – May 18

Please consult your local listings to verify this week’s prime time and weekend TV highlights:

Monday, May 12th
American Gladiators – 8pm, NBC [Premiere]
     >Everyone’s favorite full-contact obstacle course returns with new Gladiators and more spandex.
Medium – 10pm, NBC [Season Finale]
Hulu Spotlight: The Crow: Stairway to Heaven [Online]

Tuesday, May 13th
Hellboy – 8pm, FX [Movie]
>Ron Perlman is the awesome.
Reaper – 9pm, The CW

Wednesday, May 14th
Ghost Hunters – 7pm-11pm, SciFi Channel [Marathon]
South Park – 9:30pm, Comedy Central [repeat]
>It’s on as the people of South Park get served.
Master Blasters – 10pm, Science Channel [repeat]
>Four words: Missile. Launching. Spy. Cars.

Thursday, May 15th
Smallville – 8pm, The CW [Season Finale]
>Lex travels to the Artic Fortress to battle Clark. He may fight polar bears as well.
Superman II – 8pm, ION [Movie]
Basilisk – 8:30pm, IFC [Anime]
Supernatural – 9pm, The CW [Season Finale]
>Dean’s deal is almost up as the fight with Lilith comes to a head.
Lost – 10pm, ABC

Friday, May 16th
Ghost Whisperer – 8pm, CBS [Season Finale]
The Sarah Jane Adventures – 8pm, SciFi Channel
Speed Grapher – 8pm, IFC [Anime]
The Batman vs. Dracula – 8pm, Cartoon Network [Movie]
>When the world’s most famous vampire tries to take over Gotham, it’s the current animated Bats to the rescue.
Witchblade – 8:30pm, IFC [Anime]
Doctor Who – 9pm, SciFi Channel
Moonlight – 9pm, CBS [Season Finale]
Battlestar Galactica – 10pm, SciFi Channel

Saturday – May 17th
Ghostbusters II – 3pm, SpikeTV [Movie]
Indiana Jones Trilogy – starts at 4pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
     >In case you missed it last weekend or are just interested in watching them in order. You can catch them again on Sunday starting at 1pm.
Ghostbusters – 5:30pm, SpikeTV [Movie]
Sky High – 6pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad – 10pm, TCM [Movie]

Sunday – May 18th
Eureka – Marathon (9am-7pm), SciFi Channel
Pitch Black – 3pm, USA [Movie]
H20 – 7:30pm, Nickelodeon
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back – 8pm, SpikeTV [Movie]
Indiana Jones and the Ulitmate Quest – 8pm, History Channel [Documentary]
     >This two-hour special takes a look at real life Indy-type scientists.
Mystery of the Crystal Skulls – 9pm, SciFi Channel [Documentary]
>Not to be outdone, SciFi investigates the titular skulls Indy’s will be searching for on May 22nd.

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