This week in Sci-fi TV: May 19 – May 26

Please consult your local listings to verify this week’s prime time and weekend TV highlights:

Monday, May 19th
Enterprise – 8pm-11pm, SciFi Channel
     >This chunk of episodes focuses on the Xindi conflicts.
13 Going on 30 – 8pm, FX [Movie]
     >It’s Tom Hanks’ Big for chicks.
Star Wars Tech – 8pm, History Channel [Documentary]
Quantum Leap – 9pm, ION
     >Sam is a parapsychologist investigating a haunting in this repeat.
The World Is Not Enough – 9pm, SpikeTV [Movie]

Tuesday, May 20th
Rear Window – 8pm, TCM [Movie]
     >This Hitchcock classic is what Disturbia is based on. It’s good to know your film history, folks.
Reaper – 9pm, The CW [Season Finale!]
     >After an airing of last week’s excellent "The Leak" (with Richard "The Sentinal" Burgi), we get to find out if Sam is really The Devil’s son. Way to go out strong.
Kontroll – 9:05pm, IFC [Movie]
     >Somebody’s going around Budapest pushing people in front of a train. That’s plain unfriendly.
Batman: The Animated Series – 10:30pm, ToonDisney
     >A classic among classics – "Beware the Gray Ghost" casts 60’s Batman Adam West as one of Bruce Wayne’s childhood movie heroes.

Wednesday, May 21st
Godzilla – 7pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
     >This is the Matthew Broderick version. Mock at will.
Ghost Hunters – 7pm-11pm, SciFi Channel
     >Four hours of TAPS goodness including a possesion case (8pm), a man being held captive by spirits (9pm), and footage from the Stanley Hotel investigation (10pm).
National Treasure – 8pm, USA [Movie]
MonsterQuest – 9pm, History Channel
     >The team investigates a potenital Bigfoot attack in Canada. It’s like CSI: Sasquatch.
Alien – 10pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]
     >One of the Misfits’ Essential flicks

Thursday, May 22nd
Blade Runner – 8pm, ION [Movie]
     >Oh look, another Misftits’ Essential. Though you should really watch this one on DVD. In letterbox.
Supernatural – 9pm, The CW (repeat)
     >If you missed this season (shame on you), here’s your chance to watch it from the start.
Jaws – 8pm, TCM [Movie]
     >"You’re gonna need a bigger boat."
Spielberg on Spielberg – 10:15pm, TCM [Documentary]
     >I’m not sure what the catch here is but this features exclusive interviews with Steven.

Friday, May 23rd
Solar Attack – 7pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
     >Mark "Now I host Iron Chef America" Dacascos stars in this disaster flick. Also, Louis Gossett, Jr. Because yes.
Moonlight – 9pm, CBS (repeat)
      >Now that Mick’s been axed, this may be your last chance to catch him and his shirtless glory.
Scorcher – 9pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
     >It’s a Mark Dacascos/diaster movie double feature! And this one’s got John Rhys-Davies.
Hulu Spotlight: The A-Team
     >So, it’s not really science fiction but it is the awesome. Because Mr. T.

Saturday, May 24th
Tail Spin – 11am-1:30pm – Toon Disney
     >Relive a time when weekday afternoon cartoons still existed with this mini-marathon.
The X-Files – 12pm, FX [Movie]
>Why not get a refresher before the sequel comes out?
The Borrowers – 1:30pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
>It’s like The Littles only not.
The Curse of the Fly – 2pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]
>This rarely seen 1965 film is the second sequel to the 50’s classic The Fly starring Vincent Price.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – 3:30pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
The Abyss – 5pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 8pm, ABCFamily [Movie]

Sunday, May 25th
Alien vs. Pedator – 10am, FX [Movie]
     >Beats paying to rent it…
The Gravedancers – 11am, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Angry ghosts go after Dominic Purcell (Blade Trinity, Prison Break) and his friends.
Blade – 12:30pm, FX [Movie]
Doctor Who – 1pm-6pm, BBCAmerica (repeats)
     >The set of episodes replays the culimination of last season.
Cabin Fever – 3pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
     >In case you feel like being grossed out this weekend.
Predator – 3:30pm, SpikeTV [Movie]
Blade II – 5:45pm, TNT [Movie]
H20 – 7pm & 7:30pm, Nickelodeon
Ritual – 9pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Jennifer "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" Grey stars in this movie about voodoo.

Monday, May 26th
MonsterQuest – Marathon, History Channel
>From 8am to 10pm, watch the search for everything from Birdzilla to a the Florida "Swamp Creature."
Enterprise – Marathon (8am-3am), SciFi Channel
Men in Black – 2pm, TBS [Movie]
American Gladiators – 8pm, NBC
     >It’s not sci-fi but it’s bloody enjoyable.
Zathura – 8pm, Cartoon Network [Movie]
The Andromeda Strain – 9pm, A&E
>This Michael Crichton adaption stars Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack and Ricky Schroder. That’s a whole lot of pretty.

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