Misfits Recommend: And now for something completely different…

It’s been a busy couple weeks, what with us Misfits bombarding you with movie suggestions. First our essentials, then our personal musts. We’ve all got our opinions and heaven forbid I keep mine to myself.
We’ve given you quite the hodge-podge of options
– thrillers, chillers, stuff that could make you weep gently like a
little girl. And me? Well, I happen to like my science fiction with a
side of funny. Now, cheer or…well, cheer my list of gloriously
entertaining nerd-friendly cinema!
SCTV Alum Harold Ramis joined forces with Saturday Night Live
original cast member Dan Aykroyd to write a little story about 4 guys
carrying unlicensed nuclear accelerators on their backs. Along with
co-stars Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and damsel-in-distress/”Gate Keeper”
Sigourney Weaver, they made an instantly quotable classic. You’ll never
look at a bag of marshmallows the same way again.
Oh, how I adore this film. It’s everything good
about RPG’s put on celluloid. Roguish swordsman? Check. Reluctant dwarf
hero? Check. Pretty villianess who switches to the good side? Check.
Decrepit, magical, psycho hose-beast trying to take over the land by
killing a defenseless baby? Double check. It’s swords, sorcery, humor,
and good times.
Big Trouble In Little China
Good things tend to happen
when John Carpenter and Kurt Russell get together. If you took the hero
of a Western, made him into a truck driver and dropped him in the
middle of increasingly unbelievable situations leading up to a mystical
battle in San Francisco’s Chinatown, you’d get this movie. While it
didn’t do well in the box office, its cult favorite status is well
deserved. Also, Mortal Kombat character Raiden was based on the film’s elemental henchman, Lightning.
They Live
Part black comedy, part horror, part political statement, John
Carpenter gives us a lot to love. First, it’s “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and
Keith “One of the Kings of Voiceovers” David as our two stars. If
that’s not enough, how about what has to be one of the greatest fights
scenes ever filmed? It’s six minutes of bare-knuckled, back-alley
brawling which South Park
matched scene for scene in an episode. But the best part about it is it
makes you think about a clear message without shoving it down your
throat and punching you to make you swallow.
Evil Dead II/Army of Darkness
Two words: Bruce Campbell. If you don’t love him, you’re dead inside. While AoD is the campier of the two, both films have chuckle inducing moments and Ash has more great one-liners than any Bruce Willis character. But don’t try watching the original Evil Dead expecting the same. Because ew.
Bonus Suggestion: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
What say you? Have any to add? Do you *gasp* disagree with any of my choices?


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