This week in Sci-fi TV: June 30 – July 6

Please consult your local listings to verify this week’s prime time and weekend TV highlights.

Monday, June 30th
Star Trek: The Next Generation – 7pm-11pm, SciFi Channel
>Episodes include "First Contact," "Galaxy Child," and "The Drumhead."

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal
– 10pm, A&E
>A 14-year-old girl gets help dealing with the dangerous haunting that chased her from her home.
The Middleman – 10pm, ABCFamily [NEW TIME!]
     >Wendy has to fight Lucha Libre wrestlers. How awesome is that?
Teen Wolf – 10:15pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]

Tuesday, July 1st
I, Robot – 7:30pm, FX [Movie]
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 8pm, Toon Disney
Wipeout – 8pm, ABC
     >No, it’s not sci-fi, but there’s something supremely entertaining about watching people fall off ridiculously difficult obstacle courses.
I Survived a Japanese Game Show – 9:01pm, ABC
>Also not sci-fi but equally entertaining.

Wednesday, July 2nd
Ghost Hunters – 7pm-12am, SciFi Channel
     >This block includes Ghost Hunter International episodes.
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 8pm, Toon Disney
Comic Con ’08 Live Preview – 8:30pm, G4 [Special]
>The title is self explanatory, yes?
MonsterQuest – 9pm, History Channel
>The episode is titled "Super Rats" – any guesses on what they’re investigating?

Thursday, July 3rd
The Twilight Zone – Marathon starting at 8am, SciFi Channel
>The annual Zone-a-thon begins today and continues through 5am on Saturday.
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 8pm, Toon Disney
Man-Made – 8pm, National Geographic Channel [Documentary]

     >A look at the technology that spies and security experts use. Sweet.
Samurai 7 – 8:30pm, IFC [Anime]
>Akira Kurosawa’s classic film Seven Samurai except with mecha and flying castles. Get some.
Supernatural – 9pm, The CW [repeat]
>Mercedes McNab makes a cameo as a vampire (ha!) in this episode which features the return and final bow of Gordon the Crazy A-hole Hunter.
Independence Day – 9pm, FMC [Movie]
>Before an all day marathon on the 4th, feel free to sneak a viewing in.
Fear Itself – 10pm, NBC
     >The episode is titled "Eater." Ominous sounding, ain’t it?

Friday, July 4th
The Eye – 12:30pm, IFC [Movie]
>Original recipe, not the Jessica Alba version.
Vertigo – 1:30pm, Turner Classic Movies [Movie]
       >It’s not sci-fi but it’s Hitchcock and that’s reason enough to include it.
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – 2pm, TBS [Movie]
Ultimate Super Heroes, Vixens and Villains – 2pm-5pm, Bravo
     >Three specials take a look at seminal characters from multiple platforms. The specials are broken up by category.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 7:30pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
Jaws – 8pm, AMC [Movie]
>A good reason to avoid going to the beach this weekend.
Spider-Man 2 – 8pm, FX [Movie]

Saturday, July 5th
House of the Dead 2 – 11am, SciFi Channel [Movie]
Hocus Pocus – 11:30am, ABCFamily [Movie]
Whisper – 12:30pm, TNT [Movie]
>Kidnappers may have nabbed the son of the devil. Bad times all around.
Big Trouble in Little China – 3pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – 5pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
Resident Evil – 5pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back – 6pm, SpikeTV [Movie]
Resident Evil: Apocalypse – 7pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
Challenge – 8pm-11pm, Food Network
>Chefs make elaborate cakes to resemble Disney princesses, villains and Pixar characters.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 9pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning – 9pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Two sisters and the denizens of an 19th century outpost are attacked by werewolves.
Eli Stone – 10pm, ABC (repeat)
Cursed – 11pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]

Sunday, July 6th
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life – 11am, TNT [Movie]
>Gerard Butler co-stars. Woof.
American Gladiators –  1pm-9pm, MTV [Marathon]
>For those of you who’ve missed most every episode or just want to relive the awesome goodness, behold! Reruns!
Doctor Who – 1pm-3pm, BBCAmerica (repeats)
>"Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel" are shown back to back.
Beneath Loch Ness – 1pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 – 1:30pm, TNT [Movie]
>Vol. 2 airs afterward at 3:45pm.
Constantine – 3pm, FX [Movie]
Beneath Still Waters – 3pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Ghosts rise from the waters to terrorize townspeople, both by scaring them and by causing property values to plummet.
The Abyss – 4:30pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 5pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
The Insatiable – 5pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Sean Patrick Flannery is keeping a vampire chick in his basement.
Ultraviolet – 6:30pm, TNT [Movie]
>Milla Jovovich kicks much booty in this uneven flick.
The Punisher – 7:30pm, FX [Movie]
The Fifth Element – 8pm, TNT [Movie]
>"Leeloo mul-ti-pass."
The Shaft – 9pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Naomi Watts and James Marshall gets terriorzed by an elevator.


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