This week in Sci-fi TV: July 21st – July 27th

Please consult your local listings to verify this week’s prime time and weekend TV highlights.

Monday, July 21st
Star Trek: The Next Generation – 7pm-11pm, SciFi Channel
American Gladiators – 8pm, NBC
Alien – 8pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]
Batman Tech – 9pm, History Channel
>A look at the real-life technological parallels to all those wonderful Bat-gadgets.
The Middleman – 10pm, ABCFamily
>Exiled alien dictators disguised as a boy band? Love this show!
Aliens – 10pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]

Tuesday, July 22nd
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 8pm, Toon Disney
Hulu Spotlight: The Dresden Files
>This SciFi series based on the popular books really should’ve gotten a second season…
Hulu Spotlight: Weird Science
>The movie responsible for a generation of guys wearing bras on their heads.

Wednesday, July 23rd
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 8pm, Toon Disney
MonsterQuest – 9pm, History Channel
>They investigate not just any Chupacabra, a Texas Chupacabra.
Ghost Hunters International – 9pm, SciFi Channel
Scare Tactics – 10pm, SciFi Channel
Volcano – 10pm, Fox Movie Channel [Movie]

Thursday, July 24th
Jeremiah – 7pm-11pm, SciFi Channel (repeats)
Comic Con ’08 Live – 7pm, G4
>In case reading our coverage isn’t quite enough for you.
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – 8pm, Toon Disney
Superman: The Movie – 8pm, ION [Movie]
Samurai 7 – 8:30pm, IFC [Anime]
Supernatural – 9pm, The CW (repeat)
>The boys must rescue Bobby from a guy who can enter people’s dreams. The "Dean vs. Demon Dean" section is fantastic.
Fear Itself – 10pm, NBC
>Brandon Routh stars with Shiri Appleby (Roswell) as a couple who move into a seemingly idyllic neighborhood.
Burn Notice – 10pm, USA

Friday, July 25th
Comic Con ’08 Live – 7pm, G4
Spider-Man: The Animated Series – 7pm-9:30pm, ToonDisney [Animated]
>It’s the Venom/Carnage arc.
Speed Grapher – 8pm, IFC [Anime]
Bedknobs and Broomsticks – 8pm, TCM [Movie]
Joan of Arcadia – 8pm, SciFi Channel (repeats)
Gunslinger Girl – 8:30pm, IFC [Anime]
Doctor Who – 9pm, SciFi Channel
     >It’s the penultimate episode of this season.
Stargate Atlantis – 10pm, SciFi Channel
Lost, a G4 Special – 10pm, G4

Saturday, July 26th
Heroes – 11am-10pm, G4
>Marathon replays Season 2.
Boa vs. Python – 11am, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>The title’s pretty self-explanatory.
Nanny McPhee – 12pm, ABCFamily [Movie]
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker – 5:30pm, Cartoon Network [Movie]
>One of the greatest Batman movies ever made.
Peter Pan – 8pm, ABC [Animated Movie]
Anaconda 3 – 9pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Starring the inexplicable pairing of David Hasselhoff and John Rhys-Davies.
Men in Black II – 8pm, TBS [Movie]
Eli Stone – 10pm, ABC (repeat)

Sunday, July 27th
Eureka – 9am-7pm, SciFi Channel
>A marathon of last season to remind you or catch you up on what happened.
Zathura – 3pm, TNT [Movie]
The Seventh Seal – 3:45pm, IFC [Movie]
>A knight plays chess with Death.
Hook – 5pm, TNT [Movie]
Something Beneath – 7pm, SciFi Channel [Movie]
>Kevin Sorbo and others must survive killer black goop at a hotel.
The Wizarad of Oz – 8pm, TNT [Movie]
MythBusters Shark Week Special 2 – 9pm, Discovery Channel
Halloween – 9pm, IFC [Movie]
>Original John Carpenter classic about a seemingly unstoppable man determined to kill his sister and her friends.

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