'Bones' gets clipped at Comic-Con

Davidboreanaz_bones_s3_240 Say what you will about David Boreanaz (and people have said plenty, both good and bad) but damn can the Bones star liven up a Comic-Con panel. After a ridiculously long clip — I clocked it at right around 23 minutes — Boreanaz and a few others took the stage for a fairly short session. Was there another traffic jam? A case that needed solving immediately? No answers were offered. Hell, even Steven Moffat at the Doctor Who panel managed to come up with a story about being detained by the TSA.

What we do know is that Boreanaz likes outstanding sex. (But hates standing sets, the actual topic and just one thing he humorously misheard.) He plays pranks like making Bones creator Hart Hanson eat ridiculously spicy food. He uses "I" to mean either himself or his character, Seeley Booth, but never explains who he’s talking as. I still don’t know whether it’s Boreanaz or Booth that had a panic attack on a double-decker bus during the upcoming London-based season premiere.

Oh, and he doesn’t cotton to Comic-Con’s rules on family-friendly language: "You can sign up for the draft at 16. You should be able to hear me cuss. Why the f*** not?"

Carlagallo_240 As for the clip, from an episode that will air after the London two-parter, most noteworthy was the addition of Undeclared star and Judd Apatow favorite Carla Gallo as a potential replacement for Eric Millegan’s Zack. Unfortunately, Gallo’s character is broadly drawn as a chipper, overachieving doctor who desperately wants Dr. Temperance Brennan’s approval. Worse, nobody from the audience asked fellow Apatow veteran John Francis Daley his thoughts on the casting.

More notes from the short discussion:

  • This is the season of gettin’ some. An ex-girlfriend will come into Angela’s life; Cam will have a tryst with one of Angela’s exes (the same girlfriend, maybe?); and Sweets may find love.
  • And, yes, Bones and Booth will be naked in bed together. That said, she’s seeing both a deep-sea welder and a botanist in the clip shown, so the "will they or won’t they" continues.
  • We’ll see Booth’s extended family this season, and the Gravedigger (the killer who buried Bones and Hodgins in season two) will return next season.
  • The diner setting will probably be left behind, as was the original Chinese restaurant hangout. Boreanaz is pushing for someplace where he can get a good Scotch.
  • Along the same vein, Hanson wants to do a reunion episode featuring secondary characters like Dr. Goodman.
  • Zack will definitely be back.

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