'Stargates' open up at Comic-Con

Michaelshanks_stargatesg1_240 Stargate SG-1 fans got a double-thrill at Friday’s Comic-Con series of panels with a panel that included both Michael Shanks (often a convention no-show) and Richard Dean Anderson (back for the Continuum movie). Laughs took the place of any real news, though a video tribute to late cast member Don S. Davis briefly choked up the panelists.

The good spirits continued through to the Stargate Atlantis panel. Details about the new season were few and far between, but attendees did learn Robert Picardo was working hard to replace Amanda Tapping; Joe Flanigan found solace on the show after personal problems; and Jewel Staite is tired of being kidnapped in the woods.

The Stargate universe also got a little bigger. Oh, sure, SG-1 is still gone, but the reception to that team’s Continuum movie means more may be coming. Plus, the proposed new series Stargate Universe was talked up as being conceptually closer to reality, and attendees got a sneak peek at the "Stargate Worlds" massively multiplayer online game.

More notes from the day’s events:

  • SG-1 star Christopher Judge was fired from the new season of 24 for not coming across as African enough. For those not in the know: Judge is a towering African-American with a voice like James Earl Jones.
  • Staite on the differences between Atlantis and Firefly: "There’s a lot less ‘shiny’ in [Atlantis]. I miss my ‘shiny.’"
  • Shanks will guest on Atlantis during a mid-season two-parter.
  • The SG-1 pilot "Children of the Gods" has been re-editing and remixed for Blu-Ray DVD.

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