'Battlestar Galactica' faces the end at Comic-Con

Jamiebamber_battlestargalactica_240 The Comic-Con Battlestar Galactica panel had a fascinating energy. Was it exhaustion? Was it readiness to move on to the next thing? Surprise guest Jamie Bamber barely talked until the end of the panel, while co-stars Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer were bubbly. James Callis and Michael Trucco fell somewhere in between. Creators Ron Moore and David Eick were game, but unwilling to toss out any secrets about the final 10 episodes.

Even moderator Kevin Smith pressed for hints, telling Sackhoff, "F*** these dudes. Your job’s over. Tell us." She didn’t relent.

Luckily, the featured video clip had some nice juicy bits. It started slow, leading up to the combined Cylon-human fleet landing on a devastated Earth. We saw the Final Four looking intrigued around some ruins, and then the action moved back to the fleet. And I do mean action. Though the cuts were quick, I saw Starbuck and Apollo making out; Roslin and Adama making out (which drew lots of cheering); Apollo in his suit firing a gun alongside Starbuck in uniform firing two pistols John Woo-style; and lots of men with guns running around.

The capper? Adama, blindfolded and about to be airlocked. Holy. Frak.

We’re lucky, true believers, because Moore and Eick truly feared the writers’ strike would leave the series having ended on a sour note. As Moore said, "They get to Earth and it was really bad. The end."

Kateesackhoff_battlestargalactica_2 Moore did tell us that the final episodes will be a return to the second-guessing and double-crossing seemingly halted by Apollo’s human-Cylon accord. Things certainly aren’t looking up, though the actors present (including Tahmoh Penikett, hanging around after the Dollhouse panel) each said their characters find closure. Sackhoff’s opinion, "Starbuck finds peace," has me worried our favorite crazy pilot may not survive.

Bamber’s verdict was his most eloquent moment of the day: "The ending is an ending. It’s utterly sublime, the perfect way to end the show… It does everyone and everything justice."

Enough conjecture, though. On to the notes!

  • James Callis mused about whether Baltar deserves his newfound messianic phase considering his demanding libido: "If you’re preaching about a new god or a new way, can you be a nymphomaniac on the side?" In the end, Callis decided Baltar was equalled propelled by shame at his own actions.
  • Sackhoff said she was relieved Starbuck hadn’t become some sort of superhero, an odd statement for someone whose character recently came back from the maybe-dead.
  • A majority of the cast on hand (plus Smith) loved the scene during the liberation of New Caprica where the Galactica jumps into the atmosphere, drops low enough to release fighters and jumps away. I agree.
  • Bamber loves, though, that Apollo is Princess Leia to Sackhoff’s Han Solo (his analogy), always in need of rescue.
  • Trucco’s Sam Anders was originally supposed to die early on. Being instead revealed as one of the Final Four was "the telievision lottery."
  • During her scenes as a hallucination, Helfer had to find ways to dodge into position around various equipment, mission most of those scenes’ content.
  • When holding a panel where you’re worried about panelists cursing, why in God’s name do you ask Kevin Smith to moderate? His first f-bomb came maybe three words into his introduction.

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