Comic-Con sure does love Pacey

Joshuajackson_fringe_240_2 Apparently, some Comic-Con attendees remember a little show called Dawson’s Creek.

It’s sort of a shame to say that’s the biggest thing we learned from the Fringe panel, but… that’s the biggest thing we learned from the Fringe panel.

We don’t begrudge Joshua Jackson his Pacey love. He was, to our minds, the more talented of that show’s big three leads. But as he said, "[Pacey and Joey] would be a couple of kids into it living in a little shack on the edge of Capeside… I haven’t really put much thought into it."

So, some tidbits:

  • The team’s multinational corporate adversary, Massive Dynamics, was inspired by pervasive multinationals like Beatrice and GE.
  • Inspired by the rejuvenation of Lost, J.J. Abrams designed Fringe so that missing one episode wouldn’t force viewers to lose the entire plot thread. Also, while unlike Lost there’s no cap on the number of seasons, Abrams does have an end point in mind.
  • On the inevitable X-Files comparison, star John Noble says, "We respect X-Files so much… but the differences are profound."
  • A comic-book series will fill out the backstory, especially between mysterious brothers William and Walter Bell. The Bells won’t appear on the television version for possibly a few seasons.
  • Abrams perennial Greg Grunberg won’t appear in the pilot due to his Heroes commitments.

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