'Supernatural' season 4 first look at Comic-Con

To the delight of a packed room of…ebullient fans, Eric Kripke announced that, instead of just showing a bunch of clips, he’d reward everyone’s enthusiasm and dedication by showing the rough cut of the first five minutes of the season four’s Supernatural premiere. And what a five minutes it was.
Because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, I just give you a tease about what we saw – it’s no mystery that Dean was coming back but the surprise is in where he is when he does and the impression that it left.
Moderating the panel was Alynda Wheat who did a good job at trying to keep everything on track. Jared Padalecki, at what I believe is his first Comic Con, joined repeat attendees Jensen Ackles, creator Eric Kripke, Executive Producer/Writer Ben Edlund and Executive Story Editor/Writer Sera Gamble (or, as I like to call her “The Queen of Writers”). And, ever the gentleman, when Sera comes to take her seat, Jensen pulls her chair out for her. But not in that whole “make you fall to the floor” way.

  • Everyone’s really excited about what’s coming up this season with Sera saying this is probably the strongest mythology they’ve had since the first season.
  • Eric on Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Pappa John Winchester returning: “On a show like Supernatural, no one’s dead forever. It’s just a matter of schedule.”
  • Speaking of dead characters returning, folks like Gordon, Bela and Ruby “can come back at any time,” says Sera. “But not many,” adds Eric.
  • The Writers Strike affected this show just like all the others. When asked what storylines were impacted, Eric says that the really important ones (like Momma Winchester and her mysterious past experiences with demons) are going to be at the forefront of Season 4.
  • Eric was asked yet again about the show going beyond his previously stated Five Season Vow. The probability of that is slim to none, heavy on the none. He’d rather go out on top, on a strong note because the very last thing he’d want to do is jump the shark. “I don’t want Hawaiian weddings and [cute little] Raven-Symone [stunt casting].”
  • Ben’s favorite episode that he wrote this past season is “Ghostfacers” which the audience cheered for (except for one guy). Eric had suggested they call them the “Boys In Boo,” which he admitted was terrible and was glad Ben shot it down. He added that, when Ben pitched the episode, the fact that he had already written the entire “Ghostfacers” theme song and sang it is what sold him on it.
  • Right after Ben says “If the fish sings…” and trails off into laughter. Eric explains that Ben’s been trying to pitch an episode with a wish-granting fish for the past two years and it never happens. He likens the repeated failed attempts to Charles Manson going up for parole. “It was going to be a Koi this time,” Ben adds.
  • Eric admits he wrote “love interest” into new character Kristy’s description to mess with the fans since they get so ticked whenever the subject comes up and it amuses him.
  • When asked about the great music for the show by a fan, Eric states that he hates generic soundtracks and wanted Classic Rock partly because he doesn’t listen to anything made after 1983 and partly because it fits the tone of the show. He believes he wrote “you can take your anemic — Pop and shove it up your ass” in the script for the pilot.
  • In the middle of the Q&A session, the panel was crashed by the aforementioned Ghostfacers. A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester was in character as Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler respectively along with Brittany Ishibashi, who was filming and in character as Maggie, Ed’s adpoted sister. They were asking “Dean and Sam” what they were up to and why the “weird aliases” and generally running amok until they were quasi-kicked off by Jensen. After they left, Eric expressed relief that the bit played so well because it could’ve “really sucked.”
  • Regarding singing Bon Jovi on the show: Eric actually wrote that Jensen had to sing off-key because the scene wouldn’t have played well without that. “Jensen’s a really good singer, Jered sucks out loud.” Repeated requests for singing from the audience were not fulfilled and eventually slapped down by Ben.
  • When asked by a fan if Sam’s powers/abilites were going to be developed, Eric said no but there was a hint of shadiness to that no.
  • Someone asked for Jensen’s placecard in a somewhat creepy manner. Jensen, taking it in stride, said no because “Jared has dibs on it.”
  • Plans for more cult figure guest stars, especially Bruce Campbell? Eric says they ask him every season but, since he’s filming Burn Notice in Miami, the availability hasn’t worked out. However, Mitch Peleggi (The X-Files, Stargate Atlantis) will guest in the time travel episode as Sam and Dean’s grandfather.
  • The character of Bela didn’t work out as well as she should’ve in Eric estimation and he takes responsibility for it. He believes they did a disservice to Lauren Cohan, who is a great actress, and, if they were to do it again, they’d have made her part of the mythology more.

Ghostfacers invade….

I also had the opportunity to interview the panelists beforehand and found out a couple interesting things including that they’ve written an episode for this season in which a town has a wishing well that actually grants those that are made. There may or may not be a 7-foot-tall talking teddy bear.

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