Sci-fi Newsflash: 'Primeval' downloads, extra 'Battlestar Galactica', possible 'Heroes' guest stars & Warner Bros. to stop neglecting DC Comics

The world will look up and shout, "Save us," and I’ll whisper, "No…I’m too busy watching the Olympics." On to the news!

Let’s close it out with some trailers:
First up – Max Payne. I never played the game but it looks like a decent shoot ’em up…though maybe not as fantastic as Shoot ‘Em Up which was absolutely delicious.

Here’s the full trailer for Babylon A.D. which you may or may not have seen by now. I was ambivalent before but now I feel like I need to see it.

Ah…animated Wonder Woman. You look so promising and I have such hopes for you but, somehow, I feel you will disappoint me. But I really, really, really hope you won’t.

The Spirit is quite the ladies’ man. I’m suspicious of the film but self-aware enough to know that I will go see it regardless.

The full trailer for Punisher: War Zone. The red band version makes this one look like the promo for Care Bears: The Movie.

Twilight has a new trailer up and running. Whenever I see Edward traveling with Bella on his back it makes me think of Inuyasha.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince looks awesome. Too bad we won’t see it until next year…

Um…here’s the Watchman trailer again. Because…um…yes.

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