Scream Awards Red Carpet: John Hensley, Brian K. Vaughn & Pia Guerra, Darren Lynn Bousman & Alexa Vega, Frank Miller

My first batch of interviews from the 2008 Scream Awards Red Carpet features John Hensley (Teeth, Nip/Tuck), Y: The Last Man co-creators Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra, Repo! The Genetic Opera director Darren Lynn Bousman and star Alexa Vega, and comic legend/director Frank Miller (The Spirit, Sin City, 300). Enjoy!

John Hensley

Is there anything you haven’t done, like a superhero movie or sci-fi or an asskicker, that you’d really like to do?

Oh god, to be honest with you I think there’s so many things that I’d like to be involved with, so many different types of stories. I would like to believe that I’m just at the beginning of exploring and experimenting, you know? Any one of those things you named I’d be in to.

You were on Witchblade and now that it’s out on dvd have you found people are coming up to you more about it?
It’s interesting, it’s always a surprise to me. [People who watched the show] they really seemed to get it and enjoy it so it’s always kind of extra special when someone actually remembers that series and what we tried to do with it because it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to bring to television. It’s almost extra pleasant when those things happen.

So what else do you have going on?
We’re just shooting away on Nip/Tuck. That’s life for the moment.

It’s a great show and you do a great job.
Thank you so much.

Brian K. Vaughn & Pia Guerra

Did you expect Y: The Last Man to be this big of a success?
BKV – (they laugh) Not even a little bit.  I thought we were going to be canceled six issues in.
PG – We thought we’d be lucky if we’d get that far and we’d use this as experience for the next thing.

Did you have the whole run plotted out when you started?
BKV – I think I went saying it was going to be five years mostly because I wanted a job for five years. But i thought that would be about the right amount of time and we had a good blueprint about where we were headed with enough freedom to diverge, which we did. Pia would come up with a brilliant idea that I never considered and definitely came up with some cool story lines.

There’s always the news of a movie adaption floating around. Is that still on track?
BKV – It’s constantly in development. It’s slowing churning it’s way through the Hollywood meat grinder.

Sometimes it’s better that it happens slowly.
BKV – That’s right. Better to get it done right than to get it done fast.

Are you jazzed to be a part of an awards show like this?
PG – It’s really unique and different and we never thought we’d be in something like this so it’s kind of fun to absorb it all.
BKV – My wife and I got to go to the Emmys this first time this year since I’m working on Lost, I’m a small part of that. But it’s nice to be around our people, I guess. It feels like our fellow geeks are out in full force.

So what do you have coming up next?
PG – I’m working on Doctor Who [the comic] right now, I’ve got a couple more issues left. Then I’m going to take a break and work on some of my own stuff.
BKV – Ex Machina, my monthly comic with artist Tony Harris, is entering its final year so a couple more issues of that and we’ll hit our big conclusion and we’ll see what happens after that.

Also Runaways, which is another piece of brilliance.
BKV – Oh thank you very much. Yeah, I’m working on the screenplay for that for Marvel Studios.

Okay, so that’s still on track?
BKV – Yes, and actually that’s going really well, faster than anything else. Marvel Studios, I’m really enjoying working with them.

Darren Lynn Bousman & Alexa Vega

So Repo! The Genetic Opera isn’t the most conventional of projects.
DLB – No, it’s not. I think that I was very safe by doing the Saw movies, I wasn’t risking a lot so I said f**k it all, let’s do a rock opera. And I haven’t seen rock operas in a long time so I was like let’s do it and that’s kind of where Repo! came from.

Did you find the getting the cast together was difficult?
DLB – Well, no. What was awesome was this cast, we all lived in the same hotel in Toronto for months and months and months…
AV – Even Paris [Hilton].
DLB – Even Paris. The best story is we would be there, we’d show up at two o’clock in the morning and she would make sh*t.
AV – We’d work with the chefs…
DLB – You had a chef’s uniform. (laughs)
AV – I did! They made me one.
DLB – It was the best experience of my life. I mean, seriously, all of us became a family and I would never change it for the world. It was the most amazing experience.

Alexa, this is a very big departure for what people are used to seeing you in.
AV – It definitely is.

Did you appreciate being able to break this far outside of "the norm?"
AV – What’s really nice about Repo! is it’s not just like, "Okay, that’s her grown up role." Shilo, the character I play, kind of grows up onscreen. She starts out as this young and innocent girl who’s kind of thrown into this crazy Repo world and has this really nice arc…
DLB – She becomes dirty and sexy. (Alexa laughs)
AV – She has to become a young woman because of the decisions that she was to make Darren, right? (laughs)
DLB – That’s what’s so great is that little Alexa Vega is all grown up. (Alexa laughs) If you see her in Spy Kids and then you see her in Repo!, it’s quite a departure.
AV – It’s exciting.

So what else do you have coming up Alexa?
AV – Well Repo comes out November 7th and then I have a movie called Broken Hill, I think that’s coming out 2009 sometime. And then I’m shooting a TV show for ABCFamily called Ruby and the Rockits with The Cassidys – Shaun, David and Patrick.
DLB – I’m putting her in my next movie but she doesn’t know it yet.
AV – Yes! I’m excited already. As long as it’s with Bousman…

Darren, do you have an idea of what you’re doing next?
DLB – Yeah, I’m doing another movie with Mark Burg who produced the Saw films and Repo!. It’s a horror film…
AV – Yes, what am I doing next? (they both laugh)
DLB – She will die a violent death, that’s all I can say. (Laughs)

Frank Miller

How hard is it for someone in the comic business to make that transfer into filmmaking?
Well, it’s the same job. That’s what Robert Rodriguez taught me. I’ve been doing it along. It’s the same job only [I] get to do something I never really dreamt of which was to work with actors and see the explosive contribution they bring. So it’s great.

So how did you get involved with The Spirit?
I got asked to write and direct it.

Well that’s easy.
And after I said no, I said yes.

A lot of people are excited about the movie. Are you done with the cuts or are you still in the process?
Eh…it’s coming out in a month in a half. It’s gonna be done.

Do you find that you’re already looking at it objectively or are you in love with it while you’re working?
Oh, I’m in love with it but my favorite moment is going to be to sit with an audience that has no stake in it whatsoever and hear whether they laugh when I want them to and if they scream when I want them to.

For comics you’re working on DC’s All-Star Batman & Robin. How much longer are you working on it?
It’s set for about four or five more months.

So about four or five more issues?

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