Trailer Thursday: 'Where The Wild Things Are', Astro Boy', 'Blood: The Last Vampire' two ways, & more

It’s been a slow two weeks for trailers but what is flying about ain’t half bad…

Behold “Where The Wild Things Are” and drool. Rumors are abound that the movie didn’t test well but this trailer makes me not care.

Speaking of firsts, here’s the first full-length “Astro Boy” trailer from Imagi Studios. I was never super into the cartoon growing up but man, does this look pretty.

Besides “Dragonball,” there’s another big live-action Anime adaption coming out this year – “Blood: The Last Vampire.” The story is about Saya, a human/vampire hybrid who hunts full vamps to eridicate them (and also because they’re her only food source) on her way to taking on Onigen, the vamp-on-high. There’s some post-WWII/covert government agency stuff going on too. Here’s the UK trailer:

As a bonus, here’s a full-length Japanese trailer. The sturcture is similar but there’s some different footage in there. There’s still no US release date but it has been submitted to the MPAA for a rating. I’ll keep you guys posted.

“Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” is based on a cihldren’s book I’ve never read and will take advantage of this whole 3D craze. It also features the voice of Bruce Campbell which equals an automatic yes.

I kind of have no idea what “Sleep Dealer” is about but I don’t care. It looks cool.

Here’s the trailer for the Korean flick called “Thirst” about, at its base, a priest who becomes a vampire. But there’s always more to these movies from our friends overseas. It’s got English subtitles.

And finally, here’s featurette from the soon to be classic “Alien Trespass.” Sadly, Bruce Campbell isn’t in it but Robert Patrick is. Win. It’s kind of long but the last minute or so is the trailer, which you can skip if you’ve already seen it.

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