Trailer Tuesday: 'Legion', Nolan's 'Inception', 'The Vampire's Assistant', & More

As this was a three-day weekend for a lot of you, today is technically the Tuesday of the work week. A stretch, you say? Possibly. But you won’t care after the first trailer.
There’s a bit of a theme this week since all these these flicks have some sort of supernatural or thrilling twist to them – angels, vampires, mysterious strangers, clandestine organizations, and more. Also, for good measure, we’ve got two genre comedies just to lighten things up. Okay, let’s get this show on the road!

It’s like the other side of Demon Knight on 15 gallons of Bane’s Venom. Want. Now. Also, Kevin Durant is up there with Mark Sheppard. Between the two of them and Samuel L. Jackson, they’ve been in every movie and TV series made since 1998.
I seriously have no idea what’s going on but it looks AWESOME.
The Vampire’s Assistant
John C. Reilly is a vampire, Ken Watanabe is a giant, and Salma Hayak is the Bearded Lady. WIN. Formerly known as Cirque Du Freak and based on the Darren Shan books of the same name. There’s a vampire feud that also heavily figures into the plot.
The Wolfman
What I dig about this redux is how they keep the visuals in line with Classic!Wolfman but with a modern eye and effects. I’m all over it.
The Box
At first, I thought this was going to be some quiet, serious drama but this trailer…ooooo.
Dark Room Theater
This under-the-radar B-grade flick features two stories in one. If you like horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously, you might want to check this one out.
This wraps up the trailers today. It’s nice to see a horror spoof/comedy that doesn’t have the word “Movie” in the title. I appreciate that it’s got a total silly, throwback feel to those 80’s flicks like My Best Friend is A Vampire and Once Bitten.
How many of these movies have already persuaded you to reach in your wallet? Think any may disappoint?

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