'Iron Man 2' Trailer Debuts, Melts Faces

The line to make out with Jon Favreau/Robert Downey, Jr./Don Cheadle starts behind me.
Ever since preview footage debuted at San Diego Comic Con, there’s been a palpable anticipation for the trailer. Well my friends, the time is nigh. If the last ten seconds don’t get you excited, you’re dead inside.

Before I start losing my mind, I’ll give you some time to go to Apple Trailers and watch it five times in a row.
Ok…are we back?
So what can we extrapolate from this nearly three-mintues of awesomeness?
1) Tony Stark has developed a huge ego and has yet to land Pepper Potts despite repeated efforts.
2) Mickey Rourke is going to be ridonkulous as Whiplash. Iron Man’s rogue gallery is pretty lame but Rourke is clearly bringing his A game.
3) Don Cheadle as War Machine!
4) Whiplash will be holding Tony responsible for the sins of his forefathers – but what are those sins?
5) Though Scarlett Johansson will beat people up as the Black Widow, there is absolutely no indication that she’ll attempt a Russian accent. I remain ambivalent about her presence.
6) War. Effing. Machine.
7) Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is in the house! Will we get Captain America or Thor hints in this one?
8) Tony’s powercore looks like it’s melded with his body more. It’s very cool looking
9) A small army of mechs are after Chrome Dome but were they made by Whiplash or Justin Hammer? Or even SHIELD?
10) WAR MACHINE!!1!1!!
Now, I’m sure some of the answers to the questions I’ve posited can be found but I’m trying to keep as spoiler-free as possible. Regardless, I’m stoked. What about you guys? What did you think?

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