Trailer Tuesday: 'Kick-Ass' trifecta, Nicholas Cage need a 'Sorcerer's Apprentice.' & More

Man, it’s been an amazing two weeks for trailers on the superhero front. In addition to Hit-Girl and the Kick-Ass crew, you’ll also see some magic, demon fighting, animated throw-downs, and Marc Blucas. Because yes.
I know I posted this after midnight but I haven’t been to sleep yet so technically it’s still Tuesday…

I’m sure you’ve already seen this (twice) but…it’s just mind-blowingly rad so I had to include the “Hit Girl” Red Band clip. It contains very strong language and graphic violence and is intended for those 17+. Yay legal speak! Following it we see Hit-Girl learning how to take a bullet from her father (Nicholas Cage) and the full trailer.
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Speaking of Nicholas Cage, is he trying to be Samuel L. Jackson? He’s in at least three big time movies coming out in 2010. I can’t tell how good or bad it’ll be but I do like the magic effects.
Solomon Kane
Based on a character developed by Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian), James Purefoy stars as a 16th century professional soldier who swears of violence to avoid a one-way ticket to hell. It works until demons keep poking the sleeping bear. If that doesn’t peak your interest, check out two clips – one with creepy mirror demons, the other setting up Kane’s decision to return to his violent ways.
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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths
This trailer has been floating around for awhile yet somehow it’s escaped my attention until now. Dwanye McDuffie, who kicked major ass on Justice League/JLU, wrote this original story that pits the League against the their evil alternate universe counterparts. Voices include Mark Harmon (NCIS) as Superman, James Woods as Owlman, Chris Noth (Sex In The City, Law & Order) as Lex Luthor, Misfit fave Gina Torres as Super Woman, Alan Rachins as Ultraman, and somewhat inexplicably William Baldwin as Batman. Though, now that I think about it, he does have that gravely thing going on naturally…
Despicable Me
The second and third trailers of this Steve Carell voiced CG story of a super-villain who’s plans to steal the moon get sidetracked. Also stars Jason Segal, Russell Brand, and Kristen Wiig among other impressive voices.
Shrek Forever After
Formerly known as Shrek Goes Fourth among other names. I skipped that last one but I’m curious about this installment.
Iron Man 2
Just for the hell of it.
Robin Hood
Absolutely not scifi but I’m interested in your take on this. Personally, I’m not feeling it and I’m wondering if it’s the modern-ish music or that I’m just not digging Russell Crowe for the part.
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Knight and Day
And finally, the only reason I’m including this is because Marc Blucas (Riley on Buffy) is in it. I heart him. The movie looks like it could be pretty funny…or it could go terribly wrong.
Your thoughts on the above bits and pieces? Most of them look pretty darn awesome but some could fail spectacularly.

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