BBC America's First 'Doctor Who' Trailer Hits Web

Even though in the states we’re still excruciatingly far away from the premiere of Matt Smith’s turn as Doctor Who (this weekend for the UK, April 17th for the US), at least BBC America has been kind enough to give us a peek at what to expect.


While it’s not too revealing (thankfully), there is plenty to zero in on. I’ve gotta say my favorite part is when they little boy asks, “Have you seen monsters before?…Are you scared of them?” and the Doctor replies, “No, they’re scared of me.” That’s good stuff right there. Also, yet again, the Weeping Angels make a super creepy appearance. Creepy creepy creepy.

Steven Moffat is the head writer/executive producer for the 11th Doctor’s run which will take him and companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) to 1890’s France, 16th century Venice, and a future UK that floats in space. For more Doctor Who goodness, check out the BBC America show site.

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