The Pros & Cons of Chris Evans as 'Captain America'

After weeks of wild, unchecked, occasionally legit speculation, we finally know who Marvel wants to play Steve Rogers. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision states that the deal initially offered to Chris Evans on Friday (March 19) has progressed rapidly and all that may be left is the signing of the contract.
When the news first leaked online, reactions were mixed. While some think Evans will do a great job, those who aren’t as enthused have concerns ranging from him already playing jerky Johnny Storm in the questionable ‘Fantastic Four’ flicks to being unsure he can actually carry the part. Me? I’m not so sure how I feel so I thought I should make a list of sorts to figure it out.
Con: He’s already played a big-time superhero as part of “Marvel’s First Family.” Regardless of what you think about the films, a lot of people have seen them meaning a lot of people immediately associate him with the Human Torch.
Pro: Seeing as he’s been down this road before, Evans is already familiar with the scrutiny that comes with playing a marquee hero. Being able to shrug off (or minimize the affects of) that sort of pressure from the beginning is definitely an advantage.
Con: Of all the names thrown around, Chris’ has never come up. There were a couple in there that people were really digging on (Ryan McPartlin!).
Pro: Of all the names thrown around, Chris’ has never come up. Sure, a few were well-received by general fandom but the majority ranged from “not so much” to “WTF.” After some of the questionable casting rumors, he might be a breath of fresh air.
Con: He’s not Mark Valley. To me, Valley is the archetype for Captain America – square-jawed, steely-eyed, and possessing a natural “aw shucks”-politeness-but-I-can-kick-your-ass vibe. I understand why casting Mark wasn’t possible but I was hoping for someone with similarly immediately recognizable characteristics.
Pro: Chris does have charisma (check him out in the trailer for ‘The Losers’) and physically fits the part. Getting the essence of the character right shouldn’t be difficult if he’s a good actor.
Con: I just used the phrase “if he’s a good actor.” I’ve honestly not seen enough of his projects to know (Sunshine is still on my Netflix list).
Pro: The ones I have seen have been pretty solid. I enjoyed Push, thought he did a good Casey Jones in TMNT, and he played Johnny Storm’s douchosity-with-a-touch-of-charm to a tee. And hey, if my imaginary boyfriend Edgar Wright thought he was awesome enough to cast in Scott Pilgram vs. The World, that earns some confidence from me. (Bonus points for voice action on Robot Chicken.)
Hmm…well that doesn’t seem to have cleared anything up. It’s safe to say I’m still torn but I’m willing to give him a chance (assuming the deal goes down). This is me, keeping an open mind until I see some footage…

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