5 Questions That'll Go Unanswered in the 'Supernatural' Finale

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Now that we know there’s a Season 6 coming up, the Season 5 finale of Supernatural (entitled “Swan Song”) probably won’t be as informative as originally planned. So, instead of trying to figure out what will be resolved, I’m trying to prepare myself for what surely won’t be.
1. Where is God? What has he/she been up to?
This is first on the list because I’m 98% sure next season will have something to do with finding the big G. After beaming the Winchester brothers onto the plane in the season opener, I find it hard to believe that he/she has just stopped caring and decided not to be involved. It is Armageddon after all. I have a few theories on who he/she might be (or appear to be) when it’s time for the big reveal. The short list is Bobby, Ellen Harvelle, Joshua aka The Heavenly Gardner (ep. 16, “Dark Side of the Moon”), and, of course, John or Mary Winchester. Speaking of whom…
2. Why weren’t Ellen, Jo, and the Parental Winchesters in Heaven?
It’s a big question don’t you think? If the Powers That Be made it a point for Bug to mention it during Sam and Dean’s traipse through the afterlife, you better believe it’s important in some way. Last we saw of John, his spirit was sprung from Hell and he disappeared into a white glow after helping Dean kill old Yellow Eyes. The white light was clearly the White Light so he must’ve made it through the pearly gates. Mary should’ve been there long ago. “Hammer of the Gods” showed that other deities exist so maybe the any number or all of them are in a different heaven? Maybe hunters go to Valhalla or the Elysian Fields? Or maybe they’ve been recruited by some other god for some secret mission? Whatever the case, don’t expect an answer any time soon.
3. Will Castiel get his angel mojo back?
He may at some point though I’m putting my money on it not happening any time soon. Human!Castiel is an interesting character study, far too compelling to let go of without further exploration.
4. Will Crowley give Bobby his soul back?
He says he will and I’m sort of inclined to believe him…but I think it’s just because Crowley is played by Mark Sheppard whom I adore. Regardless, there’s a good possibility we won’t know how this plays out since the demonic prince of deals is holding it for collateral. It would stand to reason he’d keep Bobby’s soul in his pocket until the battle is over – it’s the only guarantee he has that he won’t get immediately shanked after the proceedings.
5. Bit of a spoiler based on plot description but it’s kind of a big deal. Highlight this area to read. Starting…..now!–> The phrase “A beloved character is killed” is used in the plot description, but will this character stay dead?
Death has a revolving door on this show, at least for some people. Creator Eric Kripke has already displayed his willingness to kill anyone at any time without blinking but he’s also reanimated a corpse or two. The only thing about that is those corpses were Dean and Sam, a necessary move. Whoever he kills off may be less important alive in Season 6 and more important as fuel for the brothers to go on in memoriam. It could be anyone but my gut sadly keeps telling me we won’t be seeing Bobby make through the hour…

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