'Heroes' Is (Mostly) Dead

It’s offical. About a season and half after I stopped actively caring, NBC has finally cancelled Heroes. But there may be one regeneration left in the old cheerleader.
Seems that some of the higher-ups are having separation anxiety as several sources say they may wrap the show up with a 2 or 4-hour movie extravaganza (most likely two). Now, just because they were killing me and I had to stop watching doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch Heroes‘ grand conclusion. But only if they promise that it won’t suck.
I became disenchanted about halfway through the Season 3 “Villains” storyline. There are quite a few things different people can point to and say where the show went wrong for them. For me it was primarily how Hiro, once the bastion of situational common sense thanks to nerd status, suddenly was doing stupid things on regular basis. It was a completely inexcusable turn of character, especially considering the number of characters I despised began outnumbering those I liked at that point.
To paraphrase frequent Misfit Ryan McGee, the show is a really hot person you start dating and soon find out they’re dumb and/or crazy. And that’s sad and disappointing. The wrap-up movie would represent a redemption of sorts. Like the homely kid who shows up at the ten-year reunion as a rich, hot, international supermodel, if Heroes can pull off a stellar finale they’ll have a much more favorable legacy.
Will they be able to? Who knows but I’m pulling for them. Because everyone wants to remember how hot their ex used to be, not how dumb or crazy they were.

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