Misfits’ Guide to Summer TV 2010

The premiere of Burn Notice (YAY!) is the first of a promising slate of new and returning televised treats for your eyeballs these hot months. For your planning pleasure, I present a handy, dandy guide to keep your dvrs churning until the Fall.
7th – Lie to Me (Fox)
7th – The Good Guys (Fox)
It’s not scifi or fantasy but it’s got Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford sporting a hearty ‘stache and rocking the buddy cop concept. And I like a good buddy cop combo.
7th – Persons Unknown (NBC)
A bunch of strangers wake up in a fake town without knowing how they got there while being watched by someone(s) remotely. Not feeling it NBC. Bring me Day One, dammit!!!!
7th – Neighbors from Hell (TBS)
This animated series is about a family of the devil’s minions moving to a small town to discover how horrible regular people can be while trying to sabotage a drill that can reach Hell.
9th – Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (Science)
I’m not sure if this is a special or an ongoing series but the undeniable awesomeness of Mr. Freeman narrating a show about the possible alternate realities and the mysteries of the universe cannot be denied.
13th – Unnatural History (Cartoon Network)

13th – True Blood (HBO)

20th – The Gates (ABC)
A probably normal couple moves to a gated community full of vampires, werewolves, and I’m guessing other supernatural type beings. I’m in. It helps that the creative team’s credits include Dead Zone, Supernatural, Star Trek: DS9, Jake 2.0, and The Lost Room.
20th – Leverage (TNT)
I love this show so hard.

22nd – Wipeout (ABC)
24th – Futurama (Comedy Central)
Comedy Central trumpets the triumphant return of the animated show that could. With the whole cast on board, the show returns to the airwaves after kicking copious dvd sales ass and  beating back the hordes of 1million cancellations.
27th – Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole (Adult Swim)
You gotta love the plot description:

Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole is about Victor Frankenstein, the mad genius who mastered immortality and now has also created an infinite number of portals (or “Frankenholes”) connecting his small, Eastern European village (which is teeming with monsters and supernatural forces) to every time period from the past and the future.

Granted I did get that from Wikipedia but it gets the entertainment stuff right the majority of the time. If you’re curious about the animation style, peep the video below.

9th – Eureka (Syfy)
Have you seen their genre bending promos? Heart them. Also, some guy named James Callis joins the cast this season. He was previously Gaius Baltar on a show called…Battlestar Something…

9th – Haven (Syfy)
Based on a Stephen King short story, it has a fantastic concept but I haven’t seen nearly enough footage to make any early decisions. The talent on the writing side includes a WhedonVerse alum (hooray Jose Molina!) so it’s gotta be good. I can’t help but think the Powers That Be didn’t miss the irony of casting Eric “The New Millennium Patron Saint of Canceled Shows” Balfour in a series about a town full of cursed people.

11th – Children’s Hospital (Adult Swim)
It’s not genre but this hospital soap opera parody features a stellar cast including Rob Huebel, Rob Corddry, Michael Cera, Ken Marino, and Megan Mullally.
13th – Warehouse 13 (Syfy)
After a solid first season, the gang is back and they’re bringing a Eureka crossover with them.
13th – White Collar (USA)
I heart this show. It’s nice to see Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin, Chuck) land a hit. Just for fun, here’s a crossover commercial with the other star of the series Tim DeKay and Gabrielle Anwar and Jeffrey Donavan from Burn Notice (in character of course).

13th – Covert Affairs (USA)
I want to be excited about this show but…something about the blind CIA mentor character Christopher Gorham plays doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sure it’ll be a good show but it just feels…off.

14th – Ghost Hunters International (Syfy)
15th – Mary Knows Best (Syfy)
The reality show follows a psychic and her family. Yes. Syfy’s still trying to get more reality shows off the ground.
15th – Paranormal Investigators (Syfy)
This Destination Truth-like show follows a six-person team led by a former FBI agent try to debunk or confirm different unexplained events. Eh. Not sure why I need this when there’s already DT and Ghost Hunters but it could be enjoyable.
24th – Being Human (BBC America)
The second season begins as the roomies deal with the aftermath of their previous big battles. Most intriguingly (to me), Annie will have to contend with the consequences of not walking through her after-life door.
Unknown – Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (Cartoon Network)
The new cartoon, a sequel to the original series and a reboot of sorts, finds the gang living in the city of Crystal Cove. Their knack for solving mysteries isn’t welcome to the denizens who make their money off of the town’s supernatural reputation. Matthew Lillard takes over as the voice of Shaggy. Might be a kick to watch with your lil’ Misfits.
1st – Rubicon (AMC)
A new entry to the thriller genre, it “revolves around a secret society that pulls the strings on the world political stage. It centers on Will Travers, a brilliant analyst at a national think tank who discovers that his employers are not who they seem to be.”
20th – Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town (IFC)
Another show that’s a bit outside the genre norm, it’s noteworthy because the original cast unites to do an improve mystery show. How can that not be fun?
22nd – The Venture Bros (Adult Swim)
Unknown – Bleach (Adult Swim)
June 6th – The Making of the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” (NBC)
If you’re interested in watching something about the making of a amusement park ride. Could be fun.
June 20th – The Phantom (Syfy)

July 16th – The Jensen Project (NBC)
The peacock is returning to family friendly weekly movies as a way to fill out their summer schedule. This one is about a family of geniuses, part of a bigger secret smarty network, that uses their brainpower to help humanity. Kind of like a live action Secret Saturdays but totally different. Cast includes Kellie Martin and LeVar “Awesome Sauce” Burton.
August 29th – 62nd Annual Emmy Awards (NBC)
There should be some solid genre nominations this year, especially for LOST.
We’ve also got three Syfy movies of note – in June there’s Stonehenge Apocalypse starring HIll Harper as a “fringe radio talk show host” who connects UFOs and worldwide disasters to the titular rock formation; Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit follows “an adventurous fortune hunter” looking for a likely cursed buried treasure (with Joanne Kelly from Warehouse 13); and Goblin, also in July, about an a girl who must rescue her baby brother when he gets stolen by a goblin (natch).

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