‘The Flash’ Video Game That Never Was

YouTube can be a wonderful thing. Not only can you find videos of adorable baby animals and morons getting hit in the family jewels, but you can find interesting stuff like this test of a video game for ‘The Flash’ that never saw the light of day.
The poster (username “misterbigmouth”) explains:

This is early game footage from the canceled Flash video game. When our publisher Brash folded we were about 6 months into full production with about a year still to go on the game so please excuse the roughness of how it looks at this stage. A lot of the core elements were just starting to surface and we were all really saddened that the game couldn’t be saved. It was showing much potential. As such we just wanted to share a sample of what the game could have been like. Enjoy!

The game play looks pretty fun – I think they were on to something good there. They definitely get bonus points for using the theme from the series. Now that there’s a film coming in 2013, hopefully some of the folks who worked on this will get a second chance at delivering something awesome.

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