‘Young Justice’ Preview: YJ vs. Bane in “Drop Zone”

Things are just getting heated up for the ‘Young Justice’ team and this week’s episode has them facing two of DC’s most formidable villains.
The official description for episode #1.04:

On their first official assignment – a covert recon mission to the VENOM-producing island of SANTA PRISCA – THE TEAM finds itself caught in a struggle between the deadly BANE and cult leader KOBRA for possession of something far worse than they suspected.

It’s most fortuitous timing considering Bane is the primary villain of the next Bat-flick. And it looks like we’ll have to wait at least another week until Artemis appears. Here’s two clips and seven pics to give you a sneak peek:

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‘Young Justice’ airs Fridays at 7pm on Cartoon Network, “Drop Zone” premieres on January 28th

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