This Week In TV: Dec. 5th – Dec. 12th

Charile Rowe as Peter Pan in Syfy's 'Neverland'

As the year winds down, it’s going to be a little harder to find new nerdy stuff to watch. So let me make a few suggestions for you…
Please check your local listings to verify airdates
Monday, Dec. 5th
7pm – Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys [ABC Family] (Animated)
7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
7:30pm – The Amazing World of Gumball [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
If you haven’t checked out this mixed media animated tour de force of comedy awesome, you’re missing out. A club at school plots against Gumball and a picnic in the “Forest of Doom” doesn’t go so smoothly. Imagine that.
8pm – How I Met Your Mother [CBS]
8pm – Adventure Time [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
Home videos reveal secrets of the Ice King. Plus sweaters for everyone!
8pm – A Sing-Off Christmas [NBC]
For Vocal/Choir nerds, winning groups from the three seasons, a melange of s3 singers, and some special guests get all festive.
8pm – Charlie Brown Christmas [ABC] (Animated)
8pm – Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
The 2005 version staring Martin Freeman, Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel and the Artist Formerly Know As Mos Def. Reairs at 10:15pm.
8:30pm – Prep & Landing 2: Naughty vs Nice [ABC] (Animated)
A kid on the naughty list proves his jerkery by hacking Santa’s database leading an elf to team with his brother “on the coal squad” to solve the crisis.
9pm – Neverland [Syfy] (Mini-Series)
Part 2 of the two-part prequel – see how Peter and Hook became the bitter enemies and see if Native American characters are actually being played by actual Native Americans. If you missed Part 1, it repeats right before at 7pm.
10pm – Castle [ABC] (Mid-Season Finale)
Castle and Beckett find themselves kidnapped with no memory of the abduction while Espisito, Ryan, and Captain Gates search for them.
10pm – Hawaii Five-0 [CBS]
Kidnapped children! A time-sensitive investigation! At least one shirtless scene of Alex O’Laughlin!
Tuesday, Dec. 6th
7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
7:30pm – Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
8pm – Euerka [Syfy] (MUST WATCH)
The gang gets animated in this Christmas special. Hazzah!
9pm – Warehouse 13 [Syfy]
The second of three new holiday eps on Siffy gets all ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ on us when an artifact shows Pete what it’d be like if he didn’t exist.
9pm – New Girl [FOX]
9pm – Knights of Mayhem [National Geographic]
Follows a group competing in the first National Jousting Championship in Las Vegas.
10pm – Haven [Syfy]
Mysteriousness abound as Christmas begins popping up in July.
10pm – Covert Affairs [USA] (Season 2 Finale)
Wednesday, Dec. 7
7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
8pm – Up All Night [NBC]
I know it’s not particularly nerdy but it is incredibly funny.
8:30pm – Suburgatory [NBC]
It’s funny and it has Alan Tudyk!
9pm – Ghost Hunters [Syfy]
9pm – Rocket City Rednecks [National Geographic]
Back-to-back 30min episodes feature an attempt to build a vehicle invisible to radar and the “ultimate tailgating vehicle.”
10pm – Psych [USA]
Shawn and Gus must infiltrate a commune to investigate a daring daylight murder.
10pm – American Horror Story [FX]
10pm – The Soup [E]
Still not sure about this airing on Wednesday thing but at least Joel McHale is still there.
Thursday, Dec. 8
7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
8pm – Community [NBC] (MUST WATCH)
SNL’s Taran Killam guest stars as Greendale’s choir director who enlists the services of the group to help with the Christmas pageant. Yes. I do believe this is a musical episode. So. Excited.
8pm – The Big Bang Theory [CBS]
8pm – Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town [ABC Family] (Animated)
8pm – Wipeout [ABC]
Holiday themed episode which will not cut down on the ball puns in the least.
8:30pm – Parks & Recreation [NBC]
9pm – Bones [FOX]
The team investigates the death of a storm chaser while Angela and Hodgins have misgivings when her father (ZZ Top’s Billy F. Gibbons) wants to babysit.
9pm – Person of Interest [CBS]
Dt. Carter (Taraji P. Henson) takes centerstage as she becomes the center of Reese and Finch’s next mission. Also, Jim Caviezel’s Reese has yet to utter the phrase “I’m Batman.”
9pm – Year Without a Santa Claus [ABC Family] (Animated)
Santa is sad in this animated special I’ve oddly never seen before.
9pm – The Office [NBC]
10pm – Burn Notice [USA]
Jesse and the team attempt to stop blood diamond smugglers while Michael needs help transferring a prisoner who may have valuable information.
10pm – Grimm [NBC]
While investigating the death of a high school teacher, Nick encounters a troubled musical prodigy. A riff on the Pied Piper perhaps?
10pm – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia [FX]
10:30pm – The League [FX]
Eliza Dushku guest stars as a Krav Maga instructor.
10pm – Miser Brothers’ Christmas [ABC Family] (Animated)
The North Wind’s sabotage plans go awry when the Miser Brothers are forced to take over for an injured Santa in this 2008 special.
10pm – Predator 2 [Fox Movie Channel] (Movie)
It’s got Adam Baldwin in it.
10:30pm – Alone In The Dark [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff stars in one of Uwe Boll’s less awful video game adaptations.
12am – Jimmy Kimmel Live [ABC]
Jeremy Renner (‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, ‘The Avengers’) and Judy Greer (‘The Descendants’, ‘Archer’) get interviewed.
12:30am – Teeth [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
Uh…google it.
12:37am – Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson [CBS]
Pierce Brosnan appears to promote the ‘Stephen King’s Bag of Bones’ mini-series. He’s pretty.
Friday, Dec. 9
6pm – Generator Rex [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
6:30pm – Young Justice [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Repeat)
Red Arrow gets the spotlight as he chases down the assassin Cheshire and an crucial, ongoing plotline gets started.
7pm – Batman: The Brave & The Bold [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Repeat)
Other heroes fill in when Batman is injured in “Night of the Batmen.”
7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
7:30pm – Ben 10: Ultimate Alien [Cartoon Netwrk] (Animated)
The true origin of Old George and his sword are revealed.
8pm – Chuck [NBC]
Zachary Levi directs this episode that reveals Chuck’s hacker past while a new employee alters Jeff and Lester’s relationship.
8pm – Nikita [The CW] (Repeat)
Missed the second season premiere? Here’s you chance to catch it…
8pm – Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Repeat)
The part one of Umbara/Clone saga if you missed it the first time around.
8pm – Frosty the Snowman [CBS] (Animated)
8:00pm – Big [Fox Movie Channel] (Movie)
The Tom Hanks classic is bookended by the ‘Fox Legacy’ shorts taking a deeper look at the film. Repeats at 11pm.
8:30pm – Frosty Returns [CBS] (Animated)
9pm – Grimm [NBC]
It’s two new eps in one week as an arson case exposes a family feud.
9pm – Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening [Comedy Central]
The ‘Park and Rec’ star’s special that was film in July 2009.
10pm – Sanctuary [Syfy]
Kate Freelander returns with crucial information while there’s evidence that questionable actions by Bigfoot.
10pm – Zombieland [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
10:30pm – The Descent [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
The acclaimed suspense/horror flick about six women trapped with creatures in an underground cave.
11pm – X-Men Anime [G4]
11:30pm – Iron Man Anime [G4]
Saturday, Dec. 10
2pm – Young Frankenstein [Fox Movie Channel] (Movie)
4pm – Walking Tall [Spike] (Movie With Commercials)
5pm – Pokemon 13 – Zoroack: Master of Illusions [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Movie With Commercials)
For all you Poke-fans who like writing speeches for people running for office…
5:30m – Forgetting Sarah Marshall [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
See how Jason Segal first earned favor with Muppet fans as a man struggling with a breakup while trying writing a puppet musical.
6pm – The Rundown [Spike] (Movie With Commercials)
7pm – Pokemon the Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Movie With Commercials)
8pm – Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [CBS] (Animated)
8pm – Superbad [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
8pm – Spike TV’s Video Game Awards 2011 [Spike] (MUST WATCH, Live)
‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi hosts and trailers debut for some of the most anticipated games in the next few months. Repeats at 11pm.
8pm – Fred Claus [TNT] (Movie With Commercials)
9pm – Snowmageddon [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
Evil snow globe! Evil snow globe! Stars Michael Hogan (Col. Tigh in ‘Battlestar Galactica’) among others.
9pm – The Flight Before Christmas [CBS] (Animated)
A new special (2008) about a young reindeer who must overcome his vertigo to nab a spot on Santa’s sleigh like his father. Norm MacDonald and Emma Roberts lend their voices.
9pm – Primeval [BBC America]
10pm – Deadliest Warrior [Spike] (Repeat)
If you still haven’t seen the “Vampires vs Zombies” episode, shame on you. But here’s a chance for you to catch Steve Niles (’30 Days of Night’) and Max Brooks (‘World War Z’) help perform fake-blood-filled tests while providing their expertise.
10pm – The Boondock Saints [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
If you’re concerned that it’s been edited for violence or adult language, remember that it’s showing on IFC. I don’t think it’ll be a problem…
10pm – The Graham Norton Show [BBC America]
Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek get interviewed.
10:30pm – Would You Rather…? [BBC America]
Alan Cumming (‘The Good Wife,’ ‘X2′) and Scott Adsit (’30 Rock’) comprise half the panel of this entertaining theoretical debate hosted by Graham Norton. That’s a sort of antiseptic description but it’s a fun show, I swear.
11:29pm – Saturday Night Live [NBC]
Katy Perry hosts with musical guest Robyn.
12am – Bleach [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Dubbed)
The Zampakto rebellion continues as Ichigo deals with losing his sword.
Sunday, Dec. 10
3pm – Tropic Thunder [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
The movie that really kicked off Robert Downey, Jr.’s resurgence by playing a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.
6:45pm – Cursed [IFC] (Movie With Commericals)
Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg star as siblings racing to reverse the effects of being bitten by a werewolf. Cast also includes all kinds of stars like Joshua Jackson, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Rosenbaum, and Judy Greer.
8pm – Once Upon A Time [ABC] (MUST WATCH)
Storybroke’s mysterious Sheriff takes centerstage in this episode as we get more insight into the Evil Queeen and Snow White’s past encounters.
8pm – The Simpsons [FOX] (Animated)
In 2041, grown-up Bart and Lisa come home to visit with their own families. I love these flash-into-the-future episodes…
8:30pm – The Cleveland Show [FOX] (Animated)
9pm – Leverage [TNT] (MUST WATCH)
Jeri Ryan returns as Sophia’s friend/former teammate Tara Cole as the ladies take on a job on their own. So looking forward to this one.
9pm – Stephen King’s Bag of Bones [A&E] (Mini-Series)
Pierce Brosnan stars in this adaption as a grieving novelist in a lakeside house experiencing a haunting.
9pm – Family Guy [FOX] (Animated)
9:30pm – American Dad [FOX] (Animated)
11:30pm – Robot Chicken [Cartoon Ntwrk] (Animated)
12am – Snakes On A Plane [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
Because the dubbed dialogue is pretty darn awesome.

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