Trailer Tuesday: 'Amazing Spider-Man', Jason Statham's 'Safe' & more

A superhero, a butt-kicker, a girl from Kansas, and a former Doctor are repped in today’s selections. Enjoy.
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’
As much as I’m not super into Spidey, it is against all rules of man and nature to resist this film.

Jason Statham movies are interesting beasts. Sometimes they’re outrageously awesome, sometimes they’re outrageously horrible. The trailer for this one couldn’t be more perfect so I’m in, even though I’ll probably regret when I’m in the theater actually watching it.

‘Dorothy and the Witches of Oz
This twist on the Frank L. Baum classics, this movie has been rolling around for awhile and now we finally get an official type trailer. There are two others on YouTube that show entirely too much so you should watch this one from Apple. The movie follows children’s writer Dorothy Gale who discovers the books she writing are based on repressed memories. The cast contains a smorgasbord of nerd bait – Christopher Lloyd, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, Ethan Embry, Jeffrey Combs, and Lance Henriksen among others. Yes, there are Hobbits in the house. I’m very interested in this one…
And finally, ‘Decoy Bride’
All you need to know is that David Tennant is in it.

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