Misfits of Scifi's Ultimate Imaginary Boyfriend of 2012 – Round 2 *CLOSED*

You're #1 Seed, Ladies & Gentleman...

After a tough fight, we’ve finally emerged with a fine field of candidates for this year’s crown…or sash…or decorative panty. I haven’t quite figured out what the prize is yet…
If you’re a character in a Joss Whedon show, you did quite well in the preliminary voting – they nabbed ten of the spots, seven of which are seeded in the top 12. I also received write-ins for Paul Ballard, Topher Brink, and Victor from ‘Dollhouse’ and Jayne Cobb of ‘Firefly’ (who doesn’t seem like ideal boyfriend material but to each their own). Dean Winchester was the overwhelming top seed receiving votes from a little over half of all voters. Not to be outdone, brother Sam comes in at a 4-seed, father John just made it in at the 24-spot (tied with Groo from ‘Angel’), and Castiel went from a write-in vote to round out the top 5. Representatives of ‘Bones’ and ‘Leverage’ also put in a solid showing with two from each making the cut. And even though none of the Squints are in they all received votes (including Zack Addy with some write-ins).
Speaking of write-ins, I loved them all. Some were obvious and others surprised me [special shout out to Methos (‘Highlander: The Series’) and Lucas Wolenczak (‘SeaQuest DSV) fans] but by far my favorite was the person who wrote, and I paraphrase, “the Tenth Doctor copy who stayed in the alternate dimension with Rose.”
So, here are our matchups – vote as many times as you’d like but again I’d like to stress that we’re talking boyfriend material here, not just hotness. Voting ends at Midnight on Friday, March 2nd. And after you vote, feel free to enjoy the very lengthy photo gallery below. 🙂

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