This Week In TV: February 27, 2012 – March 4, 2012

'Awake' premieres Thursday - Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

As always, check your local listings to verify airdates and times. Premieres and finales are bolded and italicized.
Monday, Feb. 27th
• 6:30pm – X-Play [G4]
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – House [FOX]
• 8pm – The Voice [NBC]
• 8pm – Regular Show [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 8:30pm – Lab Rats [Disney XD] (Series Premiere)
Leo finds a trio of superpowered teens and takes them to high school with him. It may or may not suck.
• 8:30pm – MAD [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 9pm – Being Human [Syfy]
Sally discovers who’s been haunting her while Aiden must contend with the werewolf twins.
• 10pm – Lost Girl [Syfy]
Kenzi comes under the influence of a mood-altering fae in this, the inevitable gross spider episode.
• 10pm – Castle [ABC]
The team investigates a series of murders in which the victims are dressed like fairy tale characters.
• 10pm – Hawaii Five-0 [CBS]
Scott’s father James Caan guest stars as a retired NYPD bomb expert.
• 10pm – Smash [NBC]
Tuesday, Feb. 28th
• 6:30pm – X-Play [G4]
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 7:30pm – The Amazing World of Gumball [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 8pm – Level Up [Cartoon Ntwk] (Live Action)
• 8pm – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [BBC America] (Movie With Commercials)
Kevin Costner and his disappearing/reappearing Brit accent star with the always brilliant Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham.
• 9pm – The River [ABC]
• 10pm – White Collar [USA] (Season Finale)
Agent Kramer stands in the way of Neal’s commutation and Peter is forced to pick sides.
• 10pm – Justified [FX]
• 10:30pm – Key & Peele [Comedy Central]
• 11pm – Conan [TBS]
Ken Marino of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ and ‘Childrens Hospital’ is scheduled to appear.
Wednesday, Feb. 29th
• 6:30pm – X-Play [G4]
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – Tekken [G4] (Movie With Commercials)
Yes, it’s the movie based on the video game.
• 8:30pm – Suburgatory [ABC]
• 9pm – Ghost Hunters International [Syfy]
The team investigates the Fort of Fenestrelle in Italy.
• 9:31pm – Happy Endings [ABC]
Dave’s food truck becomes a trendy hit thanks to a signature cocktail that causes his friends to have sexy dreams starring him. Colin Hanks guest stars as himself.
• 10pm – Face Off [Syfy]
The awesome guest judge streak continues with Catherine O’Hara as she weighs in on this week’s Tim Burton themed challenge.
• 10pm – Psych [USA] (Season Premiere)
Cary Elwes returns as Despereaux who teams with Shawn and Gus to find a dagger connected to a dead billionaire’s treasure.
• 10:30pm – Monty Python’s Life of Brian [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
• 11:35pm – Late Night With David Letterman [CBS]
Neil Patrick Harris and ‘John Carter’/’Battleship’ star Taylor Kitsch – it’s a nerdstravaganza!
Thursday, Mar. 1st
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – 30 Rock [NBC]
• 8pm – Cradle of the Gods [National Geographic] (Premiere)
Exploring the earliest known temple in Turkey which predates Stonehenge by around 6,000 years.
• 8:30pm – Parks and Recreation [NBC]
• 9:30pm – Up All Night [NBC]
Ave and Reagan deal with a new boss when their idol acquires the show.
• 10pm – Awake [NBC] (Series Premiere)
After a fatal car accident, a detective leads two lives – one in which his wife still lives and another where his son survived. He’s got different cases, different partners, different therapists, and has no idea which one is real.
• 10pm – Archer [FX] (Animated)
• 11:35pm – Late Show With David Letterman [CBS]
Subject of crushes from both sexes, John Hamm appears.
• 12:35am – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [NBC]
Actor/Comedian Rob Riggle promotes ‘The Lorax’ and ’21 Jump Street’.
Friday, Mar. 2nd
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 9pm – Grimm [NBC]
Based on the ad for this week’s episode, it seems we may start getting some answers about Nick’s heritage and his destiny. But don’t hold your breath.
• 9pm – A Gifted Man [CBS] (Season Finale)
• 9pm – Reign of Fire [BBC America] (Movie With Commercials)
Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, and Matthew McConaughey star in a flick about a post-apocalyptic future caused by dragons.
• 10pm – Spartacus: Vengeance [Starz]
• 10pm – Merlin [Syfy]
Sir Lancelot returns to try and win back Gwen.
11pm – Hitman [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
Timothy Olyphant stars in this enjoyable video game adaptation.
• 11:30pm – 2001: A Space Odyssey [TCM] (Movie)
Saturday, Mar. 3rd
• 9am – Ben 10: Ultimate Alien [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 10am – Green Lantern: The Animated Series [Cartoon Ntwk] (CG Animated, DC Nation Premiere)
If you caught the special one-hour presentation in November, then you’ve already seen this episode but it’s worth dvr-ing anyway since it’s part of DC Nation’s debut.
• 10:30am – Young Justice [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Mid-Season Premiere)
So excited! Go here to catch a preview of the show’s return. YAY.
• 11am – The Aquabats! Super Show! [The Hub] (Series Premiere, Live Action, Animated)

Super fun, super trippy, super awesome. It’s music, H.R. Puff’n’Stuff, ’60s Batman, Super Friends, and the TARDIS all rolled into one glorious, entertaining ball.
• 1pm – Minotaur [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
Tony Todd and Tom Hardy (New!Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) star in this 2006 flick about the half-man/half-bull that terrorizes ancient peoples.
• 3:30pm – Robin and the 7 Hoods [TCM] (Movie, Musical)
All star cast in this 1964 Robin Hood/Roaring ’20s mash up – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bing Crosby, Edward G. Robinson, Peter Falk, Barbara Rush, and Victor Buono (who some of you may recognize as King Tut from the ’60s ‘Batman’ series).
• 5pm – In Performance at the White House [PBS] (Musical, Special)
Nathan Lane emcees President and Mrs. Obama’s salute to Broadway including performances by Idina Menzen, Brian d’Arcy James, Audra McDonald, and Karen Olivo.
• 7pm – Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
• 7pm – Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Movie With Commercials)
The more classically flavored adventures of the Scooby Gang continue as they investigate a vampire who’s set his sites on Daphne. Replays at 6pm on Sunday.
• 8pm – Some Like It Hot [TCM] (Movie, Musical)
Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis star in this classic comedic story of love and cross-dressing.
• 11:29pm – Saturday Night Live [NBC]
Lindsay Lohan hosts with musical guest Jack White. Should be interesting, bless her little heart.
• 12am – Bleach [Cartoon Ntwk] (Anime, Dubbed)
• 2am – This is Spinal Tap [TCM] (Movie, Mockumentary)
A rare opportunity to see it uncut and unedited.
Sunday, Mar. 4th
• 1pm – Jumper [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
• 2:30pm – The Matrix [TNT] (Movie With Commercials)
• 3pm – The Incredible Hulk [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
The good Edward Norton version not the questionable Eric Bana one.
• 5pm – Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
• 5:30pm – Entrapment [BBC America] (Movie With Commercials)
• 6pm – When Aliens Attack [National Geographic]
Various experts, from weapon designers to anthropologists, weigh in on what would happen during and after a theoretical alien invasion.
• 7:30pm – The Cleveland Show [FOX] (Animated)
• 8pm – Once Upon A Time [ABC]
• 8pm – The Simpsons [FOX] (Animated)
Bart’s graffiti catches the eye of Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Kenny Scharf and Robbie Conal who want him to show his work in a gallery.
• 8pm – Casino Royale [BBC America] (Movie With Commercials)
• 9pm – The Walking Dead [AMC]
• 9pm – Ninja Warrior [G4] (Premiere)
Three episodes back-to-back-to-back of the 27th running of the famed obstacle course.
• 9pm – Family Guy [FOX] (Animated)
• 9:30pm – American Dad! [FOX] (Animated)
• 12am – China, Il [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Adult Swim)
• 12:15am – Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, Adult Swim)

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