This Week In TV: March 5, 2012 – March 11, 2012

'Breaking In' S2 promo via FOX

Check local listings to verify times. Premieres and season finales are in Bold. Woot.
Monday, Mar, 5th
• 6:30pm – X-Play [G4]
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – Alcatraz [FOX]
It’s two episodes back-to-back this week, fyi.
• 8pm – Regular Show [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 8pm – Pan’s Labryinth [IFC] (Movie With Commercials)
• 8pm – The Voice [NBC]
It’s the battle rounds and, from what little of seen, it’s going to have moments of utter fantastic-ness. If you’re into singing competitions with people who can actually sing.
• 8:30pm – MAD [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
9pm – Being Human [Syfy]
Aiden and Suren come up with a plan to deal with the vampire orphans. Kyle Schmid (‘Blood Ties’) guest stars.
• 10pm – Lost Girl [Syfy]
Bo attempts to free a death row prisoner she believes is innocent. I’ve heard good rumblings about this episode.
Tuesday, Mar. 6th
• 6:30pm – X-Play [G4]
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 7:30pm – The Amazing World of Gumball [Cartoon Ntwrk] (Animated)
• 9pm – Ringer [CW]
• 9pm – The River [ABC]
The rescue team finds Emmet’s camera bag which leads to major revelations.
• 9pm – New Girl [FOX]
• 9pm – Lake Placid 3 [Syfy] (Movie With Commecials)
‘Eureka’ star Colin Ferguson stars as a family man who moves to his aunt’s cabin with his wife and son. Hijinks ensue when the little boy feeds the baby crocs he finds nearby.
• 9:30pm – Breaking In [FOX] (Season Premiere)
Megan Mullally joins the show as the team’s new boss. I very much look forward to seeing her interact with Christian Slater, who’s former show ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ was a favorite of mine.
• 10pm – Justified [FX]
• 11pm – Awake [Syfy] (Repeat)
Did you miss the premiere? Here’s a chance to catch-up before Thursday…
• 12:37am – Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson [CBS]
Joel McHale!
Wednesday, Mar. 7th
• 6:30pm – X-Play [G4]
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – Jennifer’s Body [FX] (Movie With Commercials)
The Megan Fox/Amanda Seyfried flick makes it’s TV debut.
• 9pm – Ghost Hunters International [Syfy]
This week the team investigates a cave in Belize and a chateau in France.
• 9pm – I Am Bruce Lee [Spike] (Special)
His legacy is explored via archived footage, fight recreations, and interviews from some of the entertainers and athletes he inspired. Could be interesting.
• 10pm – Face Off [Syfy]
We’re getting down to the wire as the contestants create human-dino hybrids in the face of another double elimination.
• 10pm – The Soup [E!]
• 11pm – Conan [TBS]
Jon Hamm!
Thursday, Mar. 8th
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – 30 Rock [NBC]
Chloe Moretz returns as Jack’s teen nemesis Kaylie Hooper. Should be a good one.
• 8pm – The Big Bang Theory [CBS]
• 8:30pm – Parks and Recreation [NBC]
Leslie lands a big interview opportunity while Andy preps for his women’s studies final with Ron and April.
• 9pm – The Finder [FOX]
• 9pm – Person of Interest [CBS]
The duo must protect a six-month-old while contending with an old nemesis.
• 9pm – The Office [NBC]
• 9:30pm – Up All Night [NBC]
• 10pm – Awake [NBC]
We learn more about the accident and see how Michael navigates the two worlds as he tries to solve the murder of a homeless person.
• 10pm – Archer [FX] (Animated)
• 12am – Deloctated [Cartoon Ntwk] (Adult Swim)
Friday, Mar. 9th
• 7pm – Attack of the Show [G4]
• 8pm – Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
Savage Opress searches for his brother which mean we will see him and Darth Maul fighting at the same time. That does not suck.
• 9pm – Grimm [NBC]
A death by arson leads Nick and Hank to fire dancers as Nick’s relationship with Juliette struggles.
• 10pm – Merlin [Syfy]
• 10pm – Spartacus: Vengeance [Starz]
• 12am – Army of Darkness [Spike] (Movie With Commercials)
Saturday, Mar. 10th
• 9am – Ben 10: Ultimate Alien [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated)
• 9:30am – Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Cartoon Ntwk] (Repeat, Animated)
In case you missed it the first time…
• 10am – Green Lantern: The Animated Series [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, DC Nation)
Part two of the series-setting opener that debuted in November 2011. Again, you’ll want to record it anyway thanks to the DC Nation bits.
• 10:30am – Young Justice [Cartoon Ntwk] (Animated, DC Nation)
Vandal freaking Savage, y’all.
• 11am – The Aquabats! Super Show! [The Hub] (Animated, Live Action)
You’ve got to watch this show. I mean, they had a visual ‘Small Wonder’ reference in the first episode. C’mon!
• 2pm – The Librarian: Quest for the Spear [TNT] (TV Movie)
I wish they’d make more of these…
• 4pm – The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines [TNT] (TV Movie)
• 4pm – Nature [PBS] (Repeat)
Part 1 of 2 in an examination of animal kingdom courtship. Females are the subject and includes a look at “they look for in a potential mate.”
• 5pm- Resident Evil [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
• 6pm – The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice [TNT] (TV Movie)
Co-starring Stana Katic (Beckett on ‘Castle’) and Bruce Davison {‘X-Men’) and directed by Jonathan Frakes (Captain Picard’s Number One to you).
• 7pm – Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
• 8pm – Q’Viva! The Chosen [FOX]
If you’re a music nerd and enjoy seeing talented people from various countries, I think you’ll dig this. I was really impressed by the premiere last week.
• 9pm – Being Human [BBC America]
Hal dreads getting a job despite Annie and Tom’s prodding.
• 9pm – X-Men [Syfy] (Movie With Commercials)
Because everyone loves the cage fight scene.
• 11:29pm – Saturday Night Live [NBC]
Jonah Hill hosts in support of his big screen adaptation of ’21 Jump Street’ with musical guest, The Shins.
• 12am – Bleach [Cartoon Ntwk] (Adult Swim, Anime, Dubbed)
Kenpachi finally shows up. tee hee.
Sunday listings coming soon…


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