5 Predictions for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Having seen two trailers and read ‘Knightfall’, the epic comic storyline that pushed Batman beyond his limits and introduced the villain Bane in the 90s, there are certain assumptions I have about what’s going to happen in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie.
That being said, I was trying to avoid thinking about it too much but I was ambushed by a tv ad. Since then my mind has been reeling from a fraction-of-a-second glimpse at an important detail and I thought I’d share a few of the more likely scenarios my brain has come up with.
Here is the obligatory spoiler alert. If you are unfamiliar with ‘Knightfall’ or don’t want to hear even the slightest hint about what may happen in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ I suggest you turn back now. I’ll also be ruminating on other plot elements from the comics you may or may not be familiar with.
Everyone good? You have been warned. Here we go.
Bane Will Break Batman’s Back
This falls in the category of “duh.” A lot of people think (and oddly hope) that the movie will end with that fateful event, and even Batman’s death, but no, even Nolan isn’t that bleak. He also wouldn’t want any riots breaking out in movie theaters. Instead it will happen early in the movie, most likely by the end of the first act. I believe this is the case because in the ads you can briefly, and clearly,(highlight to read –>) see Bruce Wayne walking with the help of a cane while speaking with Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox. The tone of the scene doesn’t seem like it belonged in a prologue, it felt like it precedes some meatier stuff. Also, Bats’ rehab is just as important an aspect of the greater overall storyline and I think Nolan would want to play that up. Speaking of which…
Bruce Wayne Will Be Out of The Bat-Suit Most of The Movie
After getting folded in half by the luchador-masked behemoth in the comics, Bruce Wayne spent some time in a wheelchair and traveled the world to re-train. I think a modified version of this will be the thrust of the second act and that will lead him to Bane’s home island of Santa Prisca to toughen up and gain insight on his foe. We’ve already seen an older gentleman schooling Bruce on the mysterious chanting that was played up prior to the first real trailer’s release so we know he’ll be there. This way, not only will it mirror the journey in ‘Batman Begins,’ it will also leave Gotham at the mercy of Bane allowing him to run amok and setting up a massive third act fight. During Bane’s reign of terror, the job of protecting Gotham’s citizens will rest in the hands of the police and anyone brave enough to step up to the plate. Which leads me to…
Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Character Is Not Just Some Cop
So far, JGL’s character has been presented as a Gotham City detective…and that’s pretty much it. In trailers we see him interviewing Selena Kyle (in regular clothes, not as Catwoman) and involved or present in a few vague but probably key scenes. Based on all that, I think it’s safe to assume he’s a much more prominent character than we’re led to believe and John Blake, his IMDB listed name and the name of a cop from the Silver Age of Bat-Comics, is a red herring. I honestly believe that whoever his character is, it’s someone very recognizable and it’s got to be someone from the Bat-Family. Yes, I’m on Team Conspiracy and I believe that JGL is playing one Richard “Dick” Grayson. Formerly the preteen-sidekick Robin the Boy Wonder, grown-up Grayson becomes Nightwing and moves to Bludhaven where he joins the police department, patrolling the streets in both an official and unofficial capacity. Nightwing also inherits the Mantle of the Bat not once, but twice in the comics, the first time just so happens to be during the ‘Nightfall’ saga. And while Nolan has said he’d never have Robin in his films, he never said anything about Nightwing or Dick Grayson. Skipping his kid years would be a fantastic work around. Is it a long shot? Maybe but too many details line-up for me to let this go.
We Will See The Lazarus Pit…
…though it may not be in the form we’re accustomed to. Traditionally The Pit is a pool of naturally occurring liquid with the ability to heal the injured and restore the dead with the side effects of temporarily increased strength and (usually) temporary madness. Controlled by Ra’s al Ghul, it is responsible for his longevity and has even been used by Batman in the past. I sincerely doubt the big screen version will be a mysterious cavern of bubbling green goo but it could be in the form of nanotech or more likely some experimental medical procedure. Regardless, I get the feeling that it’ll play some part in the story, possibly as a replacement for the deus ex machina that repaired Wayne’s vertebrae in the comic. Which brings me to the prediction with the least supporting evidence…
The Return of Ra’s Al Ghul
Marion Cotillard is being billed as playing “Miranda Tate” but it’s pretty much a lock that she’s actually playing Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul who’s loyalties are torn between her father and the man she loves, Batman. Initially, I thought she’d simply be there to avenge her father’s death and continue his “work,” however we never saw a body in ‘Batman Begins’ and if I don’t see a body, I don’t believe a character’s dead. Instead she may be there to lay a path for his return. Also, the sort of only-the-strong-survive philosophy Bane seems to have in ‘TDKR’ matches up nicely with that of al Ghul’s. And have I mentioned another side effect of The Lazarus Pit is a person de-aging depending on how long they remain submerged? That means we could see a totally different actor in the role despite Liam Neeson apparently appearing in flashbacks. Granted this seems out of character with Nolan’s realistic take on the BatVerse, but if anyone can figure out a way to make it work it’s him.
What do you think of my predictions? Think I’m on the money or that I’m crazy? Have any predictions you’d like to share so you can revel in the glory of possibly being right? Let me hear it…

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