'DC Nation' Is All New With 'Green Lantern: TAS' Season 2 & 'Young Justice' Season 2.5 Premieres

Guy Gardner. Manhunters. Two Roy Harpers. Super Best Friends Forever. New episodes return to DC Nation and boy is it going to be good.
Green Lantern: The Animated Series was the biggest surprise for me in its debut season. I was very impressed by how they were able to take some fairly complicated comic lore and translate it so well not only into a original, compelling, cohesive story, but one that’s suitable for kids and fans. So, after introducing two additional Lantern Corps, covering the creation of a third, stopping a universal cataclysm, and being otherwise awesome, what could you possibly do for an encore? Introduce Guy Gardner and hint at another universal cataclysm, of course.
Everyone’s favorite jerk makes his debut as Hal Jordan returns to Earth after a lengthy absence. We also get introduced to the Manhunters, scourges of the galaxy and the Guardians biggest secret (well, second biggest if you count the “Blackest Night” prophecy which may or may not exist in this animated universe…but I digress). It’s possible that they’re acting on their own but it’s far more likely they’re agents of the Big Bad of Season 2 – either Sinestro and the Yellow Lanterns or the Anti-Monitor. Yes, I said the Anti-Monitor which means we might get some alternate universe action sometime mid-season.

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As excited as I am for Green Lantern: TAS‘ return, I’m even more amped for new Young Justice episodes. When we last saw everyone, Miss Martian was getting a little heavy handed with her psychic abilities, Lagoon Boy was captured by agents of the Light along with other kidnapped teens, Nightwing orchestrated Artemis’ “death” so she can go undercover with ex-Aqualad/current Black Manta Kaldur’ahm (which no one else knows about except semi-retired Wally West), and Clone!Roy managed to track down Original!Roy with the help of his ex-wife Cheshire and their baby, Lian.
We pick back up pretty much where we left off – the young heroes struggle to deal with their grief as the Roys attempt to reconcile their situation. But Original!Roy doesn’t seem much into making peace since we see him brandishing a rocket launcher, one-armed no less. That’s skill.
Below are some clips and a photo gallery to further whet your appetite for the animated glory that awaits.
‘DC Nation’ begins at 10am EST/PST with ‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ followed by ‘Young Justice’ at 10:30am EST/PST on Cartoon Network
Green Lantern Clip 1

Green Lantern Clip 2

Super Best Friends Forever

Young Justice clip 1

Young Justice Clip 2


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