First 'Geekie Awards' Celebrates Multi-Platform Nerdery

With nerd genres increasingly taking over the pop culture zeitgeist, ‘The Geekie Awards’ seeks to set itself apart by getting ahead of the curve. Designed to recognize the people making waves in everything from web shorts to arts & crafts, The Geekies (as I like to call them) are shining a spotlight on what the geek community is talking about today but everyone else will be talking about tomorrow.
Events are tricky things to put together. There’s a lot of cogs that make these machines go and one of them is always a little wonky. I was impressed by the production as a whole – there was a bump or two in the road leading to it but the actual show went off without a hitch. They also had the coolest award I’ve ever seen – a stylized ray gun mounted to its base with magnets. Meaning you can REMOVE THE RAY GUN AND PLAY WITH IT.
They had 3D printers on all the tables that created either a rocket ship or a miniature version of the show’s robot mascot in various colors (these are the same type of printers that created the awards). I can tell you there was much competition and bargaining for them. My table almost launched into a Rock/Paper/Scissors/Game of Thrones tournament but somehow the fates were with me and I ended up with the lil’un (see below). I think I will name him “Tralfaz.” But I digress…
With appearances by a professional stunt team, The League of S.T.E.A.M., ‘Freaks and Geeks’ alums, a fake Nathan Fillion, a real Stan Lee, Parkour Stan Lee, one of the original Blerds, and loads of other coolness this year, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year. Behold photo-y goodness!

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