IDW & Dynamite Crossovers Create Unlikely (Awesome) Team-Ups

Two comic companies are bringing some of your most fevered playground mash-ups to life this winter.
Newsarama already has the first look at December’s inaugural issue of ROBOTECH/VOLTRON – a five-part crossover featuring the two anime juggernauts. Written by Tommy Yune with art by Elmer Damaso (and covers by Yune as well), the synopsis shakes out like this:

Part 1 of 5. Two of the greatest anime legends of all time are about to collide in one epic saga! The Lion Force team faces the return of a mysterious ancient adversary that could jeopardize the very existence of Voltron itself. The repercussions threaten to reach across the fabric of time and space, all the way to Earth. How will Roy Fokker and the Skull Squadron cope with such a new menace, especially with the Zentraedi looming over Macross Island? What opportunities will King Lotor pursue in a crisis like this?
32 pages, $3.99.

Hmmm….sounds like there may be some temporal/spacial shenanigans to get these two groups together. I’m intrigued.
Our next dream combos come with the January 2014 solicits from IDW. And they are glorious. First of all, The Lone Gunman take center stage and that’s always good news. But the rub is the special mini-series follows the trio as they investigate some very familiar “urban legends”:

The X-Files: Conspiracy #1 (of 2)—GEM OF THE MONTH
Paul Crilley (w) • John Stanisci (a) • Miran Kim (c)
The event of the year begins here! When The Lone Gunmen discover Internet files from future, they learn that a plague will soon wipe out most of humanity. With Agents Mulder and Scully working one lead, the Gunmen must spring into action and investigate several urban legends: a group of ghost-hunters, mutant turtles that live in the sewers, shape-changing alien robots, and a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
The X-Files: Conspiracy: Ghostbusters—SPOTLIGHT
Erik Burnham (w) • Salvador Navarro (a) • Miran Kim (c)
The Conspiracy continues! The Lone Gunmen investigate their first lead, the Ghostbusters. Are they frauds and charlatans, bilking unwitting clients out of money? Or do they have special insight into the afterlife? And how are they connected to the plague that’s poised to wipe out humanity?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

THE X-FILES: CONSPIRACY #1 features several variant covers with Joe Corroney’s “tabloid” takes reinterpreting famous conspiracies and four Andrew Currie subscription-only covers with a different mystery glow-in-the-dark images hidden in Mulder and Scully’s flashlight beam. THE X-FILES: CONSPIRACY: GHOSTBUSTERS also has Corroney’ tabloid covers and a subscription variant from Dan Schoening riffing on Elvis Presley faking his death.
Also worth noting, STAR TREK #29 is a two-part story featuring Captain Jane Tiberius Kirk’s first encounter with a new enemy. Yes. Jane Kirk. They’re Rule 63-ing it and it should be interesting. STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci is overseeing the story which is written by Mike Johnson with art by Yasmin Liang and covers by Cat Staggs.
Visit the Newsarama links above for full looks at the covers. Your thoughts on all this nerdiness? Is your inner child doing cartwheels? Any other crossovers you’re dying to see?

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