Neil deGrasse Tyson Two-Fer: New 'Cosmos' & 'All Star Celebrity Bowling'

NdT is getting a lot of action right now with the new ads for COSMOS and an appearance on Chris “Nerdist” Hardwick’s ALL STAR CELEBRITY BOWLING featuring some of the nerdiest heckling you’ll ever hear.
Running spots during the World Series is a great vote of confidence for the revived science spectacular. Previously hosted by the late Carl Sagan, the 14-part “sequel” is officially titled COSMOS: A SPACE-TIME ODYSSEY and will debut some time in early 2014. Tyson has been quoted in saying he hopes it will be a scientific “call to action” like the original 1980 series was. I for one can’t wait to get my nerd on.

The original full trailer for those who haven’t seen it:

And now for something totally different.
Teaming up with musician Jonathan Coulton and LATE NIGHT’s own oft-naked Seth Herzog to round out Team Nerdist, NdT is pitted against Team Jimmy Fallon made up of Jimmy, QuestLove (aka ?uestLove aka Questo), announcer Steve Higgins, and head writer A.D. Miles. The heckles directed at Tyson are particularly entertaining and there’s also some questionable use of masking tape. Enjoy!

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