An Obssessive Look: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' First Trailer

So the first full trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER dropped a few days ago and it looks very promising. So let’s obsessively freeze frame and analyze every little piece of it, shall we?
I have some thoughts on how the story’s going to play out based on very little info other than Robert Redford’s general character and this first full look. There are some aspects of the comics that are fairly well known so I won’t discuss them much (primarily the titular “Winter Soldier”) but here’s an obligatory warning: If you’re trying to go into the movie blind or with very little idea of the potential story progression, you probably shouldn’t read this.
First, let’s review because I’ll be discussing things in the order they appear in the trailer:

Black Widow & Captain America: Besties?
We already knew going in that Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff would get more development here but I wasn’t necessarily expecting she and Steve Rogers to have developed such an apparently close friendship. I’m very happy they went that route instead of them still struggling to trust each other. And too often the only female character is relegated to a love interest and can screw up an otherwise great story. I hope they remember this when they team her up with Hawkeye again.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Disclosure

Old SHIELD Logo in Unidentified Facility

Old SHIELD Logo in Unidentified Facility

There’s a lot of somewhat vague conversations in the trailer about the function of SHIELD and what it’s done in the past. A shot of Steve and Natasha wandering around what seems to be an old organization outpost indicates we’ll be getting more details about SHIELD’s early days including some not so great things it’s done in the past. It also seems they may be having to use a long-forgotten HQ as a safe house. But more on that in a second.
Internal Struggles Come To A Head
Robert Redford vs Samuel L. Jackson

Robert Redford vs Samuel L. Jackson

We all know that Nick Fury’s defiance of the Shadow Cabinet in AVENGERS was going to have some consequences. This is where it’ll play out. Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce seems to now be in charge and Cap is not digging the organization’s new methods. Neither is Fury which will lead to a lot of clashes. Whether this leads to him being purposefully placed in harm’s way remains to be seen.
Speaking of Being In Harm’s Way…
Injured Nick Fury(?)

Injured Nick Fury(?)

You’ve basically got a 50/50 chance of getting it right but, based on the context of the trailer, the man in critical condition here has to be Nick Fury. The grave injuries seem to be a result of a confrontation with The Winter Soldier which will give extra fuel to Cap’s desire to catch him. It will also leave Steve completely unprotected when he starts defying orders which leads us to…
Captain America On The Run
Captain America - Fugitive?

Captain America – Fugitive?

The elevator fight (featuring the two SHIELD agents who were on the plane in the beginning of the trailer) is a sure sign that Cap is having some issues with his employer. I think this ties into the old base above and some prearranged fail safes set up by Fury for just such an occasion. Having another monumental shift to his life will cause Steve to reevaluate everything that’s happened and really see the impact he has on people, in essence they’ll give him back some of the hope he’s lost.
Samuel "Falcon" Wilson

Samuel “Falcon” Wilson

I’m super excited to see Anthony Mackie in the role and see how his chemistry is with Chris Evans. My only slight disappointment is that his uniform is kinda drab. I mean, I can understand the strategic disadvantage to having bright red, easily taget-able wings but c’mon man. Liven it up! That is a quibble, though. I primarily just wanted to mention him. Because yes.
Another Helicarrier Bites The Dust
Helicarrier Down! (Again.)

Helicarrier Down! (Again.)

I guess the only question is whether it’s because of the Winter Soldier’s mission or internal strife (or possibly both?). Also this shot is really cool.
Cap's Damaged Shield in the Title Card

Cap’s Damaged Shield in the Title Card

Much is made of Captain America being a man out of time and reconciling with how the world is now. The heavily damaged shield, which is much more worn than it was in the AVENGERS credits, is surely a representation of how his world is rocked. His bosses, his friends, it all gets turned upside down and he once again must question everything. In a way, his life is as stripped down as his shield.
Notable Absence
Emily VanCamp’s Agent Sharon Carter (credited as “Agent 13” on IMDB) is nowhere to be found in this trailer, at least not overtly. While I appreciate them not showing every little thing, it seems a little odd considering what a big deal her character is in the comics. I’m also very curious to see if her fighting style differs from Black Widow’s. So far Marvel’s been very good about customizing the combat moves for each character but this is the first time they’ll have such similar skills sets to work with (in a movie that is).
The Big Bad
I said I wasn’t going to talk about the Winter Soldier but I have one intriguing thought that I must share: While his comic origin seems to be in full effect, since a lot of trailer’s conversation seems to suggest some corruption and highly questionable actions by SHIELD, I wonder just who he’s getting orders from. Hmmm…
You’ve heard my thoughts, what do you think? Am I on target or do you think I’m completely wrong? Did you notice anything noteworthy that I didn’t mention? Are you excited for the film? Let me hear it!

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