'Doctor Who' Mini-Episode Reveals Big Event, Gives A Doctor His Due

Before I say anything, just watch. Watch and squeal in delight.

doctor_who_poster_art_a_pI’ve only really dipped my toe into the vast lake of Whovian media but, when I was very little, I remember watching a TV movie on FOX that I didn’t quite get but rather enjoyed. It had a older dude transform into a younger dude and a villain with lizard eyes. I learned later that I had watched a historic (and infamous) attempt at relaunching DOCTOR WHO and witnessed the first and only filmed adventure of the 8th Doctor played by Paul McGann. So imagine my delight when watching this minisode!
I’ve always wished I could’ve seen more of McGann’s Doctor. While I may have become a fan during David Tennant’s run, I’ve always had an affection for Eight – he was my first Doctor, after all. And really the thing that makes me happiest is that I feel like this finally gives him the respect he deserves. Not everyone has listened to McGann’s audio adventures and I don’t think people give him enough credit.
So what are the intriguing bits that we saw? Eight regenerated into John Hurt’s version, credited as “The War Doctor.” Very ominous indeed. What’s most interesting is how young he was in the reflection. Curious.
What’s also interesting is the fact that Eight is pronounced dead by the lead Sisterhood of Karn but is brought back to temporary life. I find this an odd circumstance – shouldn’t his regeneration have kicked in? Or did he lose hope and block it? And this seems to confirm that Hurt is a lost regeneration meaning the War Doctor is actually Nine. Or does this triggered regeneration have additional special properties? I mean, he could pick the type of personality he has, which is not normal, so is this sort of a 1up? He’s the Eighth-And-One-Half Doctor? Or is my lack of full Whovian history betraying me resulting in silly musings?
Let the speculation begin! I want to hear your thoughts – Did you like the minisode? Did you pick up on any other intriguing tidbits? Care to make any predictions on “The Day Of The Doctor?” Share, my friends, share!

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