Why The "Unfinished" Superman/Batman Script Isn't A Big Deal

superman vs batmanVariety reported that the MAN OF STEEL sequel, which may or may not be titled SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN and may or may not secretly be a Justice League film, doesn’t have a finished script.  This tidbit of news comes courtesy of Alfred-to-be Jeremy Irons via a red carpet interview excerpt from Absolute Radio.
On the surface, this seems like yet another nail in the coffin a large number of comic fans have already prepped for the sequel.  But is it really as huge a problem as it seems?  Probably not.  Yes, Irons says the script is still getting finalized but he also said, “We haven’t started work yet,” and “I read a script.”
In all likelihood the script he read was an earlier draft, which is not uncommon at all.  In the many months between casting and actually shooting a film, a lot can happen which includes rewrites.  Heck, rewrites often happen during shoots (the extent of which usually shows in the sketchy final product).   So the fact that Zack Snyder, David Goyer, and, most importantly, ARGO screenwriter Chris Terrio are putting in extra time is actually a cause for hope.  Better to put the finishing touches on now than two months into principal photography.
It’s very easy to take this info and use it as fuel in your Internal Pessimism Machine but, you know, don’t.  Don’t do it.  It’s far to early for all that.  We have yet to see a single concrete thing from this as-yet-titled film.  We don’t know what the costumes look like, we don’t know what the storyline is, we only have the names of some actors and Gal Gadot’s glorious workout selfies.  We’ve already had a year of wild speculation and have at least a year more to go.
So my recommendation to you is try to remain calm.  Harness your chi…or maybe just let yourself die enough inside that you just stop caring.  Like me.

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