New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Clip Is Exciting & Worrisome At The Same Time

Over the weekend, a brand new clip from Bryan Singer’s X-return debuted on the MTV Movie Awards. The minute long clip provided a great snippet of action, an array of cool power displays, and also reinforced one of my big concerns about the film.

The part of the movie I’m most excited about is the part we won’t get to see all that much of – the New Mutants of the dystopic future. You see, that future is where the vast majority of my favorite X-characters (the ones appearing in this movie anyway) reside. So this clip showing most of the Future Cast banding together, expertly using their powers, and looking all cool and junk, is fantastic. It let’s you know that Singer wasn’t cutting corners and making sure all the characters get to shine.
Which is where my worry comes in. I know we’ll only see them for about 20mins, give or take, because the vast majority of the story will take place in the past. Wolverine will once again be in the forefront even though he’s already been the primary driving force behind 5 of the 6 X-films in existence and, honestly, I’m getting a bit fatigued.
Don’t get me wrong, I will never say no to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Never. But from a story standpoint, it’d be a nice change to have other characters take the lead (that aren’t Magneto and Professor X) and see where that takes us. Logan isn’t the only person with a checkered past in the X-Men, you know.
Also, I’m concerned that the only non-white characters exist in a world which will be wiped out when Logan changes the past. We will ever see any of them again? It’s possible – the “Age of Apocalypse” storyline the next movie is “somewhat” based on features the characters Blink (played by Bingbing Fan) and Bishop (portrayed by Omar Sy) pretty extensively, which makes them the most likely candidates to return.
All in all, I’m still a bit apprehensive but at least I know I’ll definitely love 20mins of it. I was actually really looking forward to seeing how Singer was going to handle The Phoenix Saga after X2 so I know there’s definite potential for excellence here. Whether it actually happens remains to be seen.

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