Scoot McNairy (Possibly) Cast In 'Batman v. Superman', Many Wrongly Think He'll Play Nightwing

Deadline has reported (sans any source or confirmation as of Thursday night) that ARGO co-star Scoot McNairy has been added to the cast of BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.
Based on their previous film connection and because of the epic, soul-crushing disappointment of Joseph Gordon-Levitt not actually playing him, a ton of people are speculating McNairy will be playing Nightwing, better known as Dick Grayson aka the grown-up original Robin. All these people are wrong.
And they’re wrong for one very important reason: Scoot McNairy and reigning Batman Ben Affleck LOOK THE SAME AGE.

Scoot McNairy Verge Photo by Jeff Vespa; Ben Affleck at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Scoot McNairy Verge Photo by Jeff Vespa; Ben Affleck at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

I mean, just look at them. There’s no way in any capacity that I’d believe McNairy was 15 to 20 years younger than Affleck – which Grayson would have to be to make the time line make sense. Bruce Wayne would’veĀ  had to have finished all of his trainingĀ  and been Batmanning for a couple of years before that fateful night at the circus. Bruce would be 18 at the youngest to leave (and have access to his money to finance everything) and generally be gone from Gotham for about a decade. So whoever plays Nightwing will have to be in his 20s compared to Bruce’s late-30’s to early 40’s.
Now, of course, we still have to wonder who he is playing. My first thought is Barry Allen/The Flash based on general body type, adding another member of the League to the increasingly crowded flick, but…I don’t know. I feel like he may be playing a villain. If so, my sincere hope is that he’s playing some form of Brainiac (as the Superman villain has only been adapted as live action once on SMALLVILLE) or The Riddler (who was last seen played by Jim Carrey in BATMAN FOREVER, and I’m totally not counting the upcoming GOTHAM tv series). He’d pull off a question mark suit very well.

But all this speculation is for naught. With San Diego Comic-Con a mere month away, every rumor that’s been swirling around will likely get confirmed or buried in a big way. There’s no way DC/Warner Bros. doesn’t lay down their gauntlet now that they have a plan, however dubious. And with all the drama Marvel is experiencing with ANT-MAN, now is the time to strike.

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