Tales From the Tapes: SarahTheRebel Talks Growing Up On ‘Xena’ & ‘Are You Being Served?’

Some people talk about their podcasts and do a lot of hype before launching their first episode. Not me!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been talking about starting ‘Tale From the Tapes’ for a long time and now I’ve done it! And what better person to start out with than writer, gamer, and indie wrestler SarahTheRebel. We talk about ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’, how camp in underrated, and 1970s British import ‘Are You Being Served?’

You can check out Sarah’s Patreon page here!

Misfits of Scifi Presents: Tales From the Tapes – Episode 1: SarahTheRebel

Tales From the Tapes is a podcast that discusses what people obsessively watched while growing up in the boom of home entertainment. Inspired by my very large collection of VHS tapes that meticulously catalog my childhood viewing habits.

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